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April 18, 2008

From Toprol to Bystolic

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I’ve been taking Toprol XL (metoprolol 25mg twice a day) for the past several years to lower my heart rate. I don’t have high blood pressure or any serious heart problem, but my pulse has always been high and my cardiologist thought it was time to control the tachycardia. However, since I’ve been on it I have been fighting side effects. Most people don’t have any, but it mainly gave me anxiety, breathing problems, and random chest pains. In general, I would just feel crummy alot of the time.

Yesterday my doc finally agreed to switch me to something else, and so I started my first 5mg dose of Bystolic (nebivolol). It is supposed to be well tolerated with a better side-effect profile than Toprol, so I hope it works better for me!

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  1. Comment from Dan on May 12th, 2008 :

    I was on Toprol a few years ago. The side effects were awful and had to quit after a few months. Fortunately an ESP/EPT procedure took care of the problem at the time. There were no other options at the time.

    2 Weeks ago my pvc arrythmia returned. I was put on Bystolic and I can tell you that this med has a far better side effect profile. I can tolerate this beta blocker.

    I know many who have had bad side effects with Toprol.

  2. Comment from John on July 4th, 2008 :

    Well I just left a response on your jeep power window posting and saw this one. You are absolutely right. I’ve been on all sorts of heart meds. I’m now on bystolic and have almost no side effects. It seems to be doing a good job of slowing my heart down as well. I recommend it highly. I was a mess on the other meds. Major anxiety, pains, feeling in general very lousy. Nice to hear it wasn’t all in my head.

    Thanks again Josh

  3. Comment from Sofia on July 5th, 2008 :

    I too have tachycardia (resting HR anywhere from 100-125), and blood pressure that is usually in the 130/90 range, but not too high.

    I have been on metoprolol 25 mg once daily for 2 years, and was just switched to Bystolic 5 mg once daily a few days ago, as my doctor thinks I’m getting to used to the metoprolol, and said that Bystolic has a better effect.

    I was reading on another website that patients have experienced a weight gain from Bystolic, and cannot lose the extra weight. I was wondering if anyone has experience with that, and if it is true?

  4. Comment from Rick Colby on July 6th, 2008 :

    I tried Bystolic after burning through several drug classes (ACEs, ARBs and CCBs). At first, it was very well tolerated and I held out hope this one would take. Then, daily nausea kicked in after 3-4 weeks and insomnia (wife awake at 4 AM after taking it at night) and really bad nightmares (people trying to kill me), depression (common with beta blockers). The worst: Losing gobs of hair that I could see if I combed my hair. I stopped several months ago and the hair seems to slowly be regrowing (I hope). That said, it might work for all of you; I am hypersensitive to blood pressure meds and may ulimately find I can’t tolerate anything. My body seems to be fighting the meds. I have made redical lifestyle changes and am pursuing alternative treatments.

  5. Comment from Rick Colby on July 6th, 2008 :

    Weight gain was not an issue on Bystolic.

  6. Comment from Louise Green on July 6th, 2008 :

    I was on metoprolol succinate for about eight months and it gave me terrible stomach cramps all night long. It made me sleep, but got no rest! Had horrible dreams all night long! Began to hate everybody! Couldn’t get any work done! I went to see cardiol. prepared to demand something else, he said you are in luck, a new med is on market, Bystolic. Been on it five weeks and tummy has calmed down. I feel like living again. The dose is 10 mg. I have had episodes of Atrial Fib which put me in hospital. Louise from Michigan

  7. Comment from Melanie on July 6th, 2008 :

    I am on Bystolic, 5 mg, for high blood pressure. Has anyone experienced swelling? My lower legs and ankles have swelled up today (I’ve been on it for a little over two weeks).

  8. Comment from Frances Lemoine on July 8th, 2008 :

    I, too, have lower leg swelling from Bystolic but have had same with all antihypertensives I have taken. Anyone know of one that does not cause same?

  9. Comment from Ali on July 8th, 2008 :

    I was also on Toprol 100xl once a day for about a year and a half…along with diovan and norvasc. My doctor switched me to has just been a week..but I feel better already….I was getting so dizzy and tired I couldn’t take it ankles would swell up like good.

  10. Comment from Nellie on July 10th, 2008 :

    My leg swelling was alleviated by banishing diet soda from my diet. It has made a lot of difference.

  11. Comment from kelly dennis on July 18th, 2008 :

    my ankle left shoulder right thumb x rays shows fluid
    please call me at 843-249-8152 kelly.
    all my problems began with bp med
    any similar cases call lets talk
    off med and still have swelling off for 3 months now
    hard to walk.
    any other person with swelling joints call me
    thank you

  12. Comment from Ronnie on July 19th, 2008 :

    does bystolic cause erection problems like other beta blockers?

  13. Comment from Steven on July 27th, 2008 :

    I was on Toprol XL 100mg for almost 4 years. Apathy, swelling, shortness of breath, new onset diabetes, irregular beats (after taking toprol), some sexual dysfunction, and worst of all, gained 50 pounds.

    It took 4 months to taper off of it, on my own. I got a new Dr. who wants me to try Nebivolol (Bystolic).

    I’m still trying to decide whether or not to take Bystolic, which has many of the same warnings as Toprol…

  14. Comment from debbie on August 3rd, 2008 :

    i’ve been on topral xl and norvasc for about a year for high blood pressure. i have felt terrible and gained weight. went to a endro. doc. thursday cause i have hypotyhoidism. he told me that topral will cause brain fog and other bad side affects. am having trouble with heart paputatons. i wore a 24 hr. heart monitor friday till today and was switched to bystolic 5mg. friday. my legs and feet are so swollen, it hurts so bad to walk. my family doc. put me on bystolic. i go back to endoctrine doc. in a week which he said he puts his patients [can't remember name] on this one blood pressure med with no complaints of side affects. so will share what happens when this happens.

  15. Comment from Janet McKinstry on August 23rd, 2008 :

    I was on Toprol XL for a few years and had a lot of problems. Doctor put me on Bystolic 5mg. and within a week I had headaches, shorteness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, difficulty swallowing (felt like something in my throat below my adams apple, indigestion and burping. The shortness of breath upon any exertion was the worst. Don’t know how I will ever convince the doctor to change my medicine. I also take Verapamil and Clonidine. No fun living longer if you feel so bad.

  16. Comment from dot on August 24th, 2008 :

    maye the Bystolic interacts with the Verapamil

  17. Comment from Scott on August 26th, 2008 :

    I was put on Bystolic 5mgs after being on Toprol 100 mgs XL for almost 3 years. I remember the shoretness of breath and sexual side effects. This drug has cured those ailments along with less anxiety. SO far I am feeling much better and will continue thisa drug therapy to control my congenital hypertension. I have lost weight during thelast two months I have been taking Bystolic and opposed to gaining weight on the Toprol XL. I am also much more relaxed

  18. Comment from Janet McKinstry on August 28th, 2008 :

    I have been on Verapamil 240 ER tabs and Clonidine for months. Since my blood pressure got pretty high at the doctor’s office, he added Bystolic 5mg. I immediately had some bad spells of exhaustion, shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness for about four to five hours a day. Felt like I was going to faint. My doctor does not want me to stop taking these drugs, but I feel that my quality of life is more important to me than losing five hours a day to these symptoms. Do not know what to do about this as getting off any of these drugs can cause bad hypertension problems. Very discouraged.

  19. Comment from LIZZ NORMAN on September 1st, 2008 :


  20. Comment from Reggie Jackson on September 3rd, 2008 :

    I took toprol at 25mg for about a month but could not tolerate the side effects. I was taking in for PVC’s. I switched to Bystolic about 3 weeks ago. I started on 5mg. It does help the pvc’s but I still get them. My doc wants me to try 10 mg plus 5mg of altace. Not sure I want to switch to 10mg. I have had more tiredness with the 10. Also, has anyone experienced rubbery legs or feeling like you cannot control your legs when walking or exercising?

  21. Comment from sam on September 5th, 2008 :

    Doc just recently put me on Bystolic 10 mg. Was on Toprol 2 years ago and had bad side effects, tired and sexual difficulty. On Bystolic, sex life has improved dramatically. It’s amazing. Was reading that it actually can improve this if you have difficulty or issues in this area.

  22. Comment from dayla on September 6th, 2008 :

    i started bystolic 5mgs. 5 days ago. i’ve had bad headaches and stomachaches and alittle nausea but they are lessening. i’m feeling less zombie like then the 150mg toprol, less anxious and sleeping better. my systolic blood pressure isn’t always great so i may have to take 10mg. did the side effects get worse at 10 mg.? were the side effects just at the beginning and transient for most of you?

  23. Comment from joe hannady on September 7th, 2008 :

    I was on atenolol for the longest time and always had a tired feeling in the afternoon. I had a bit of sexual dysfunction as well. My doctor put me on bystolic 5mg but only after tapering off of the atenolol. He said that’s where most of the side effects would occur - my body was used to the other so polling it off and switching would be the only thing that would cause side effects. On bystolic now for three weeks - feel great. Never worn out and always have plenty of energy. Time will tell but it is night and day better so far.

  24. Comment from dayla on September 7th, 2008 :

    my doctor never told me to wean off the toprol.she was probably worried about my blood pressure soaring as i’m not on any other drugs for blood pressure. i tried them all and couldn’t handle the side effects. i bet your right though i feel very nervous and trembling with a fast heatbeat in the morning. i bet that’s one of the side effects of getting off the toprol so fast. i’m so glad that you feel great. i hope it will work for me as i don’t have many more choices of drugs. i also started taking coq10. does anyone know if that’s okay to take with bystolic?

  25. Comment from Valerie on September 9th, 2008 :

    I have incidents of very rapid heart rate. I am on Diovan HTZ 320/20 already. As a means to lower the rate during the incidents, I was given Toprol 25, but the side effects of being knocked out the next day with zero energy were awful. I was just given Bystolic 5mg to try the next time I have an incident. I haven’t tried it yet, but hope, beyond hope, that it is the magic trick for me. My heart function is good, cholesterol good, etc. I do take CQ10 it’s fine.

  26. Comment from Markus on September 9th, 2008 :

    To all the good folks on this blog: please read the side effect of Bystolic: such as

    Body as a whole: asthenia - Physical weakness and loss of strength.

    Gastrointestinal System Disorders: abdominal pain

    Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders: hypercholesterolemia (Inclease in LDL Cholesterol) and hyperuricemia (high accumulation of uric acid)

    Nervous System Disorders: paraesthesia. See


    In controlled monotherapy trials, BYSTOLIC was associated with an increase in BUN, uric acid, triglycerides and a decrease in HDL cholesterol (HDL is good for the arteries), and decrease in platelet count (platelets are responsible for wound healing and blood coagulation when we are wounded, among other things.


  27. Comment from Michelle on September 11th, 2008 :

    I have SVT and have been on 25mg of Atenolol and 250mcg of Lanoxin for several years. Going to cardiologist today. My sister recently started bysloic with her Verapamil and says she has more energy now. Has enyone else had the same experience with bystolic - I experience fatigue in the mied-afternoons daily.

  28. Comment from Fred on September 12th, 2008 :

    Hi Michelle,

    I was on BYSTOLIC for about 4 months. I can say that BYSTOLIC is excellent for heart rate control. The side effects I had were occasional joint pains and extreme fatigue during the day. I was taking 5 mg a day. I am currently taking ZEBETA (BISOPROLOL) 5 mg with better blood pressure results.

  29. Comment from reggie jackson on September 16th, 2008 :

    A follow up to my September 3 post. The Bystolic 10mg seems to be working well. It took about 2 weeks to get used to a little nausea and the headaches, but they seem to be lessening. I also take 5mg of Altace. I am still trying to determine if it has sexual side effects.

  30. Comment from Gisela Baker on September 18th, 2008 :

    Thanks to all for commenting on the various meds,especially the Bystolic.This will be the14th bp for me to try.I was told they are running out of things to try.Some have made my pressure go up,hurt my liver(had heppatitus when my younger son was born 37 yrs.ago-dirty hospital needle doctor said),too weak to function,the list could go on and on.About the only ones that are tolerable but hurt the liver or hurt my heart are the angiotensins with hct.My blood preesure is too high not to take anything.I need HELP!!!

  31. Comment from cindy on September 27th, 2008 :

    Hello, all - After suffering through numerous bad side effects from other BP drugs,I have been taking 5mg of Bystolic, along with Triamterene, for 3 months now. The limited side effects from Bystolic have almost all been transient. I felt generally fatigued and some nausea for the first 3 weeks, but those both stopped. The worst began about 2 months ago - the heavy leg feeling. I didn’t want to give up on Bystolic, so I hung in there, and after about a month, the knee weakness also subsided, and now I can comfortably go for long walks. I never did experience weight gain. The only side effect I still experience is the same one I’ve gotten from all BP drugs: very light sleeping with early AM awakening. I told my doctor I needed a non-addictive medication for this as I teach high school and must have restful sleep. He gave me Trazodone, which can be taken indefinitely. I played around to find the right dosage - and now, happy to report - I have 120/80 BP, and I sleep well! Hope my story helps someone…

  32. Comment from beth wilson on September 30th, 2008 :

    I am new to the heart rate issue. I turn 45 in twelve days and I have been on Moexipril-HCTZ 15/12.5 for several years. As of February 08 I was put on bystolic 5mg. I took the samples he doc gave me and today I have filled my first script. I have been so nausiated from my heart palpitations and so incredibly tired that I hope that the bystolic makes this better. I don’t have very good insurance and the med cost me 48.00 a month. I am hoping that the side-effects don’t hit me. Only question I have is how long does it take to start working on the heart rate. a week, two weeks? I am really anxious for this to start working for me.


  33. Comment from reggie jackson on October 1st, 2008 :

    Response to comment from Beth Wilson. It took about a month for the side effects from Bystolic to calm down–some nausea; heavy legs; a little fatigue. But after about a month all of the side affects subsided a lot.

  34. Comment from josh on October 2nd, 2008 :

    I don’t remember exactly how long the side effects lasted for me. I still have some every now and then, but nothing major most of the time. As far as how long did it take for it to slow down my heart? It happened pretty quickly. Within a few days. (Of course I was coming off Toprol, too, so that skews my side effects).

  35. Comment from beth wilson on October 2nd, 2008 :

    I have been having really bad jaw pain / heaviness and the palpatations have all but subsided but I have an appointment with cardiologist today due to his concern from the jaw pain. Anyone else deal with jaw pain from bystolic

  36. Comment from Steve on October 6th, 2008 :

    Started taking bystolic (5mg) 5 days ago. Now I’m experiencing erectile disfunction Physician told me medication was reformulated to eliminate that side effect. Has anyone else experienced this?

  37. Comment from reggie jackson on October 10th, 2008 :

    Reply to Beth and Steve. On the jaw pain, I did not have the jaw pain but instead it was like my teeth were hurting. What did your cardiologist say?

    Steve, I had the same issue at 10mg. No problem at 5. My doc said that it should get better with time. Perhaps he was referring to the fact that it was reformulated.

  38. Comment from cindy on October 11th, 2008 :

    Reply to Beth and Steve: When I was first prescribed Bystolic 5mg, my BP was 170/100. One month later, it was down to 140/90. Two months later it is now 120/80 (all measured by cardiologist). Also, I did have achy upper teeth and jaws for about three weeks, but these effects disappeared. I think that if people will try to stick with Bystolic for about 6 weeks, all or almost all of the side effects will run their courses and disappear.

  39. Comment from Cindy on October 13th, 2008 :

    Just started Bystolic for PVC’s 3 days ago. It’s now 3 am and can’t sleep at all. Having bad PVC’s. During the day it seems to work fine but at night I feel terrible. I’m on 5 mg now. I’m afraid if I tell my doc he’ll up the dosage but won’t these side effects get worse with increased dosage? Is this just a temporary side effect?

  40. Comment from reggie jackson on October 14th, 2008 :


    It may take 3 to 4 weeks for all of the side effects to run their course; but they gradually get better. At least, that was my experience. For me, the Bystolic got rid of the PVC’s after about a month for about 3 weeks then they came back. However, they are more tolerable/milder than before Bystolic and the side effects of the Bystolic are much less than Toprol. The PVC’s may be worse at night because you are less active and it is easier to focus on them. Also, if you lay down on your stomach while sleeping the PVC’s are more noticeable.

  41. Comment from Geno on October 17th, 2008 :

    Bystolic is better for me at least, than Toprol. No more feeling tired all the damn time. It did take me several weeks to adjust to the Bystolic. At first, I had the nausea and wicked dreams. They subsided and now I feel ok, although my BP still remains in the 130/90 range. New users give it some time, it may just work for you once the side effects subside.

  42. Comment from WayneS on October 19th, 2008 :

    I just started Bystolic, 5mg per day. I’m also taking Benazapril (ACE-inhibitor) at 20 per day. Right now I’m having several side effects from the Bystolic - muscle aches, abdominal pain, upset tummy, and some dizzines. My BP does seem to be down a bit tho (I was running about 160/110 and today it was 140/90), so it looks like the Bystolic is helping. I just want these side effects to go away. Thank you for posting your experiences - looks like Bystolic side effects lessen - for some people they go away fairly quickly.

  43. Comment from Steve on October 20th, 2008 :

    I was on metotoprol for 6 months, I had trouble sleeping, joint pain, and I would get very tired. I have been on bystoic for 10 days, the joint pain is all but gone, I’m not as tired, my sleeping is a little better. I do get shortness of breath and I don’t seem to have as much strenth when I work out. For me bystolic seems to be the better of the two bp.

  44. Comment from Carol on October 23rd, 2008 :

    I got samples of Bystolic today from my cardio. He doesnt like my pulse to be @ 119-rest. I’m on Cartia 180 mg XT, also. I’m nervous abuot this new Bystolic, but it makes me feel much better seeing so many ppl posting their side affects. I was on Loprol for a while but I stopped taking it as I felt like I was moving underwater. He had me on Atenolol for a while, but I stopped it. Sure am hoping this Bystolic will slow the pulse down, I’m tired of waking up in the middle of the night, thinking someone is pounding on the door, when its only my heart beat.


  45. Comment from June Kates on October 24th, 2008 :

    Recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. I am taking 20 mg of Benicar, but because of my heart rate the dr. wanted to try Bystolic. I was on Bystolic about 10 days when one morning when I sat up in bed it felt like someone threw me back to the mattress. I was completely disoriented and unable to tell up from down for a few moments. I stopped taking it, after calling dr. but for the next few nights I could not move my head without feeling like the room was swimming around. The symptoms gradually decreased, but some dizziness continued. I’m not sure what happened and because I was on vacation won’t be able to go to dr. until next week. Anyone experience anything like that?

  46. Comment from Michael O'Hara on October 26th, 2008 :

    I’ve had good results with Bystolic, sleep is better, and I don’t have that “frying pan to the head” feeling anymore (mental fog and mild headache) that I had on the Toprol + Norvasc + Liscinopryl. I suspect this med is going to become a popular one if the combined expernences of “everyone” are taken into account. 20mg Liscinopryl + 5mg Bystolic are keeping my BP at about 125/85 and I can live with that.

  47. Comment from mary on October 27th, 2008 :

    I been taking bystolic for two weeks feel like something is moving in my right leg. any one experience this sympton.

  48. Comment from Ericka on October 29th, 2008 :

    I tried Bystolic 10mg and I experienced migraines and heavy leg. Didn’t like it at all. Maybe I didn’t give it a chance.

  49. Comment from Kirk on October 31st, 2008 :

    Been using 50mg 2 times a day of metoprolol by sandoz for 3 years now. My A fib was under control until they recalled the sandoz product. They gave me ethix and then toprol. Neither worked. Started bystolic a week ago. Stopped the A fib but I am getting numerous ectopic beats at night and, to a lesser extent, mornings. I have felt sluggish but am encouraged that these will pass in time after reading everyone’s post. This is such a new drug to the U.S. Not much experience out there. My pharmacist says bystolic is a minor medical breakthrough. She thinks it will replace a lot of beta blockers.

  50. Comment from Marian Brady on October 31st, 2008 :

    After coughing for four years while taking another beta blocker (avalide) I finally switched to Verapamil. Cough went away. One month ago we tried Bystolic (another beta blocker) and lo and behold the cough returned.

    Anyone else experience this?

  51. Comment from Kay on November 3rd, 2008 :

    I was taking toporal and had someday where my blood pressure would not stay undercontrol and i felt sick on the medication. I ended up in the ER with extremely high BP and they put me on Bystolic so far I have had no problems and it’s great

  52. Comment from Fred on November 3rd, 2008 :

    I’ve taken BYSTOLIC for several months.It’s really a pretty good pill and supposed to be very effective for HBP control. Keep in mind that this is a rather new pill in the USA and does not have the proven track record of TOPROL XL, in preventing heart attack, stroke, heart failure, sudden death etc..
    With BYSTOLIC I experienced joint pain, extreme fatigue and cholesterol, glucose and weight increase.
    All the side effects which this pill is not supposed to have.

  53. Comment from fred55 on November 3rd, 2008 :

    Other side effects which BYSTOLIC is not supposed to have is sexual side effects. While on BYSTOLIC I noticed decreased sexual ability, and lack of nocturnal and morning erections. I never had this side effect with Metoprolol/TOPROL. I think TOPROL can effect sexual libido, depending on the dosage being used, not on erectile function. Dosages over 100 mg can decrease desire.

  54. Comment from Fred T. on November 3rd, 2008 :

    Speaking of Reproductive and sexual related problems.
    In Carcinogen studies required by the FDA for public safety. BYSTOLIC significantly increased the incidence of testicular Leydig cell hyperplasia and adenomas. Effects on spermatogenesis were seen in male rats and mice at >40 mg/kg/day.The effects on spermatogenesis were not reversed and may have worsened during a four week recovery period.Fetal deaths and stillbirths and decreased birth weight, live litter size and pup survival. Insufficient numbers of pups survived at 5 mg/kg to evaluate the offspring for reproductive performance.

  55. Comment from DelaLouise on November 4th, 2008 :

    I have been taking Bystolic for 4 weeks now. For the first week I was on 5 mg. After that I was increased to 10mg 1x daily. I have really bad headaches in the afternoon. I feel like my head is on fire. My stomach has gone from being stainless steel to jello. I can’t eat anything acidic at all and I frequently feel like I will throw up if I don’t eat when I get hungry right away, and other times when I am not hungry either. Alcohol is out of the question. It makes my stomach burn really badly, and makes me extremely naueseated (sp) as well. I didn’t really drink all that much before, but the occasional wine with dinner. Now, it is totally out of the question. I sleep fine at night though. I haven’t notices any sleep problems. I am happy I found this site because it did identify the side effects and helped me understand to hang in there for a couple of more weeks to see if they work themselves out. The only thing I can’t stand is the headaches. I really hope they go away. I have adjusted my diet to be more alkaline and that does seem to work quite well most of the time. I am 46 years old and just diagnosed with BP so I have not been on any other meds for BP, or anything else for that matter. It sounds like Bystolic is preferable over the other choices out there.

  56. Comment from kimberly on November 5th, 2008 :

    I am so grateful to hear that others are experiencing symptoms supposedly not associated with bystolic ie…weight gain, leg and ankle swelling and sexual dysfunction. The only good thing is it controls my heart palpitations. I don’t want to go off of it for fear they will return, but want to get my weight and swelling under control and my sex life back. Any suggestions? I am even considering consulting another doctor or even a holistic doctor.

  57. Comment from Fred on November 5th, 2008 :

    BYSTOLIC controls heart rate like no other beta-blocker. I’ve tried several beta blockers,TOPROL is OK in controlling heart rate,sometimes heart still races. BISOPROLOL slows down the heart rate too much, KERLONE (BETAXOLOL) is also excellent in controlling the heart rate with the least side effects. BYSTOLIC (for me) is the best for heart rate control and for the gastro system. BYSTOLIC really improved my mild Colitis problem. I believe it targets inflammation and can improve other inflammatory condition.

  58. Comment from dayla on November 5th, 2008 :

    i have now been taking bystolic 5mg. for blood pressure for almost 3 months. i’m finally getting back to living a normal life. the last drug i was taking was 150 mgs. of metoprolol and having lots of side effects. when starting the bystolic i had headaches and nausea but that went away. i did have some upper teeth sensivity but i thought that was sinus related but it went away. my blood pressure is in the range that the doctor said would be okay for me. i have my appetite back and i haven’t gained any weight but i’ve been exercising almost everyday. i haven’t had my cholesterol checked yet. i have tried alot of the drugs for high blood pressure and experienced alot of side effects so had to stop them. i have a mitral valve prolapse so the beta blockers work better for me and bystolic is the one that has the least side effects for me. it’s also more effective for blood pressure than the other beta blockers i tried and my heart rate stays good too and i don’t have that zombie feeling. if you have to take more than 50mgs. of toprol i would recommend trying bystolic or if you have to take a beta blocker for bp i’d ask for bystolic.

  59. Comment from Donald L Ferry on November 7th, 2008 :

    Well, my doctor determined that my blood pressure was too high - 150/110! He put me on Caduet! I suffered through this medicine for 18 days! Then I had an intense pain in the Liver! The doctor then put me on Benicar! Still had the Liver pain as well as a general weakness that kept me for exercising! They say exercise is part of reducing blood pressure and then you can’t exercise while under their drug? Under the Benicar I developed constipation with the liver pain! The doctor gave me laxatives! He did change the medicine to Bystolic! I seemed to tolerate for a while! Now I am back with the constipation and liver pain and with a very bad taste in the mouth! Under the caduet, I was essentially bed ridden! Now, I seem to be headed that way under Bystolic!

  60. Comment from deronda on November 14th, 2008 :

    To mary, yes this morning I felt like something was moving in my right leg. I had left the outside door open and wondered if a mouse had crawled up in the bed. Weird! Upset stomach and lazy still after 2 weeks. With Bystolic energy and muscle/joint pain much better.

  61. Comment from Toddy Cupp on November 16th, 2008 :

    I too have had many problems with BP medications. I have bad reactions to “thyazide” or meds with “HCTZ” as it can cause serious muscle damage. Some people think that HCTZ is just a “waterpill” additive to the BP medication, but it is a chemical that helps reduce water, but can cause serious muscle/joint pain and permanent damage. I quit taking meds with thyazide or hctz and the pain stopped. I still have some residual effects with leg cramps in my left leg, (not related to potassium deficiency). I am very sensitive to BP medications, have been on several and recently was put on BYSTOLIC 5 mg. I do not like taking meds, but I don’t want to die either. I have experienced weight gain, ugh, and very loose small stools. The indegestion I have had for a long time doubled painfully, but am taking Rantidine 150 mg. 2 x daily and this fixed the pain. But one day I forgot to take the BYSTOLIC and felt like someone who was turning into jello. Very shakey, weak, dizzy, very scary feeling. I checked the BYSTOLIC website and found a WARNING LETTER from teh FDA or to, that stated some information re: side effects had not been given and that could be serious and “misleading” info re: “best tolerated” etc. statements. I am going to discuss with my doctor as if I miss a dose, I do not want to risk a “heart attack.” It describes other concerns such as “increased LDL cholestrol (the bad one) weight gain, problems with diabetes on and on.. This is the first BP med that I have seemed to tolerate, but it is also VERY NEW, just was FDA approved in January of 2008 and I told my doc, I don’t know if I like being a guinea pig for the new pills coming down the pike. Has anyone else read this letter or experienced bad jittery, shakey, jello effects when missing a dose. What it can lead to. Yes, I am a scardy cat, but also a cautious consumer. thanks for reading..

  62. Comment from FREDDY on November 17th, 2008 :


    BYSTOLIC(Nebivolol) is not such a new pill. It’s been used in Europe for years. If you look up Nebivolol, there are numerous research articles posted. Nebivolol is the best when it comes to heart rate control and probably the least beta blocker effects. The bottom line is, which side effects we can afford to live with. TOPROL is the Cardiologist’s preffered beta blocker. This does not mean that BYSTOLIC is in any way inferior. TOPROL has it’s share of side effects, though it is also the most researched. BYSTOLIC has been pretty good for me as far as side effects are concerned. You need to give a pill at least 4 weeks or more till your body adjusts.
    BYSTOLIC was better on my gastro-system then any other medication I was ever prescribed. Fatigue is also a bit less than other beta blokers. As far as the pills beneficial effect on sexual function and quality of life as the manufacturer states, The jury is still out on that one. Though, you can be assured that BYSTOLIC is not a new pill and we are not guinea pigs.

  63. Comment from Amber on November 20th, 2008 :

    I have high blood pressure, however it’s been so long since I haven’t taken anything for it that I couldn’t tell you what it is without medication. I also have unexplained sinus tachycardia, with a history of Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome and Mitral Valve Prolapse w/ significant regurgitation.

    When I was 14 years old I began experiencing runs of SVT lasting an average of 1 hour and occuring once a month. By the time I was 17 they were lasting an average of 3 hours and occuring about once a week. I was sent to a cardiologist who referred me to an electrophysiologist who preformed my RF Ablation and for approximately 1 year I was problem and medication free.

    One year later I had a blood pressure of 200/110 and a restind heart rate of 125. I was then placed on 50mg of Atenolol and sent back to my EP. His goal was to keep me on the B-Blocker for 1 year, wean me off, and then do further testing. I was unable to wean and was placed back on the B-Blocker.

    Another year later, the 50mg was no longer working, and like a good health care worker, I decided to self medicate and increased my dose to 50mg in the am and 25 mg in the pm. This also did not work and I finally broke down and when to my GP. He changed my medication to 100mg Toprol Xl. This worked for abotu 12 hours but allowed by heart rate to increase and my BP to increase as well (HR 120, BP 140/110). The Toprol XL was increased to 100mg twice a day.

    I continued the Toprol at this dose for about 2 years until I was forced to show up at the office to get a refill. A nurse practitioner that I was friends with took my BP and chastized me for it still being 140/110, although my HR was in the 80s. At this point, Cozaar was added to the mix at 50mg.

    A year later, I began seeing a cardiologist again at the urging of my husband. By blood pressure was once again in the 140/90 zone and I was chastized yet again, and placed on 100mg of Cozaar. The following year, it was changed to 100/12.5 of Hyzaar with you guess it, another lecture about how I must want a new heart valve because I keep allowing my BP to be high. I was then instructed to keep in below 120/80. Those of you who think your BP is great because it is 120/80, you are probably wrong.

    I am currently still taking the 100mg Toprol XL, 100/12.5mg Hyzaar, in addition to the Vytorin 10/40MG for my Cholesterol all just to be normal. And I am exhausted every day of my life. I was interested in learning about Bystolic and its side effects because anything that would give me more energy would be greatly appreciately.

    I wondered it anyone took Toprol twice a day before takin Bystolic and if anyone had to take Bystolic twice a day? I also wondered if anyone had the same persistent problems I had and took the same amounts of medication to fix them that I had to take? Your comments would be appreciated! Thanks!

  64. Comment from DelaLouise on November 20th, 2008 :

    Hello Again - I wrote back on November 4th and I would like to make an update now about being on Bystolic. I am very happy to say that my upset stomach has calmed down almost to where it was pre-bystolic. I still have to be a little careful, but things have worked themselves out pretty well. I would like to strongly urge everyone to give the medication time and let your body adjust. I don’t get headaches anymore and my weight has not changed at all. In fact, I have lost a few pounds without even trying very hard. I feel a lot better all the way around. Before I started taking the Bystolic I did have some symptoms that could be very easily related to high blood pressure and I did not know it. Now they have completely gone away. I sleep great at night and I don’t have any significant side effects. I am taking 10 mg a day so I am not on the lowest dosage. I am doing excellent on Bystolic. The only advice I want to give is to be patient and let your body adjust to the medication. It will take about 6 weeks, maybe even a little longer, but things will calm down. It is a very excellent medicine with a good reputation in Europe. I think having a good attitude will take us miles in feeling better.

  65. Comment from Mary Davis on November 22nd, 2008 :

    I have been on Byslic 5mg/tablet for 6 weeks a few days ago I experience shortness of breath swelling of right foot and excessive yawnin. Please reply if you have experience these symptons. Thanks.,

  66. Comment from FREDC on November 24th, 2008 :


    I would like to mention a few things. First, be certain that you are taking the brand TOPROL XL and not a generic. There are numerous cheap generic manufacturers from INDIA to CHINA who produce this drug. CONSUMERLABS and PEOPLES PHARMACY have issued warnings regarding these poisons on the market.
    Second, COZAAR is an Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (ARB). It is definitely not the most effective pill for blood pressure control. The best pill in this category with excellent 24 hour BP control is a newer pill called “BENICAR”. It is also known to target and lessen inflammation. Third, BYSTOLIC is the newest of the beta blockers (it’s considered A Third generation beta blocker, similar to COREG).TOPROL and ATENOLOL are considered 2′nd generation beta blockers.
    You should first be certain that the TOPROL XL you have been prescribed is the brand drug and not a generic substitute. If it is, request a new prescription and try the real TOPROL first. P.S Personally, I would eliminate the COZAAR and the TOPROL and switch to BYSTOLIC only. BYSTOLIC provides all the benefits of both the pills you are on. It provides: VASODILATION, increased NITRIC OXIDE, targets inflammation, works on the ANGIOTENSIN system, WIDENS arteries, Increases blood flow, and most important offers EXCELLENT heart rate control….. I hope this information helps…

  67. Comment from Elizabeth B on November 24th, 2008 :

    I had a stoke a little more than 6 weeks ago, 56 years old.
    The Dr at the rehab hospital put me on Lisnipril 20mg twice a day and Lopressor 25mg twice daily. It was marginally successful, Bp from 180/110 th 160/100 so my Family Dr doubled it and I was living a nightmare of side effects and severe depression.
    She switched me to Bistolic and nausia,stomach problems,chest pain and weekness and dizzinss. Some depression. After 2 days, my Bp went from 160/100 to 140/95. I got a bad cold and went to an urgent care clinic to day, 5 days after to 110/68 and when I didn’t believe her (the nurse) she took it again it was 100/66. Felt terrible but somewhat better after a drank a caffinated drink. Thirsty all the time and urinating alot–think its the Lisinopril. Have a call in to Dr but not calling tonight. Any suggestions?

  68. Comment from Sandra Buchett on November 25th, 2008 :

    I was put on Atenolol for IHSS last month and the side effects of drowsiness was too much for me. My cardiologist changed me to Bystolic and I am experiencing leg heaviness, weight gain, sluggishness, nausea,joint pain, headache, tooth pain.

    I think I need to try something else. I am waking up at night at least twice a night to go to the restroom. I also feel I am not completely emptying my bladder.
    Has anyone else had this symptom?

  69. Comment from Reggie on November 25th, 2008 :

    To Mary and Sandra:

    As a lot of the comments in this blog indicate, the leg heaviness and the tooth pain are pretty common. After about 6 weeks a lot of my leg heaviness went away, but I still get it from time-to-time, but not as bad. On the tooth pain, I still get that periodically, sometimes most of the day. I did not have the weight gain for the first 2 1/2 months, but in the last month or so I have a little of that as well (3 to 4 lbs.) I get feelings of shortness of breath as well at times, but it’s hard to know if it is the Bystolic or the PVC’s. Even though these side effects come and go, Bystolic overall is much easier for me to tolerate than was the Toprol. I take it primarily for PVC’s not blood pressure. You side effects will likely lessen in a month or so, although some of them may still be present to some degree thereafter.

  70. Comment from Robear on December 1st, 2008 :

    I am a 42 yr old male… back about 7 yrs ago, I was dating a nurse and was in a wal mart playing around, and took my BP…. it was 201 / 110… She freaked out and harped on me to go to the dr and get a med…. I felt fine.. We dated a few yrs and I blew off her attempts to get me to go to the Dr… Fast forward to 4 months ago THIS year… August, the woman I am dating saw my BP reading again at a wal mart and freaked… and got with my mother and they made a Dr apt with out me knowing about it… And met me at work one afternoon when I got off early and kindapped me and took me to Apt…In the Dr office, my bp was 208 / 110… Both my girlfriend and the Dr’s jaw dropped… Anyway, he IMMEDIATLY put me on Azor… and MADE ME TAKE ONE RIGHT THERE IN THE OFFICE… Now, I KNOW Ive had HBP for at least 7 yrs..and ahve NEVER had any symptoms or felt bad… maybe the occasional headache… Anyway, after being on Azor for a few weeks, I felt like sh*t… Joint pain, fatigued… shortness of breath….decreased sexual function (OH, HELL NO!), weight gain, AND water retention in my feet and ankles… After 2 weeks, I told the Dr either we had to try something else, or nothing at all… He then put me on HYDROCHLOROT for the water retetion and swelling, and said it would help with the weight gain… WRONG…only helped with water retention sporadically, and the gave me heart palpitations occasionally… I went back last week, after being on Azor 2 months and Hydrochlorot 2 weeks and DEMANDED something else…My BP was down to 140 / 75 from 208 / 110, but all the side affects were making me feel like an old man…. so, last week, he took me off Azor and Hydrochlorot, and put me on Bystolic 10mg ONLY… So far, no big change… only thing I noticed, was it has dropped my heartrate to a resting rate of 51!!! TOO DAMN LOW IN MY OPINION…. Been on it a week, and havent had any nausea, leg pains, teeth pain as ive seen here, only a little shortness of breath and being tired more than usual… Anynone have any suggestions?!?!

  71. Comment from Rip on December 3rd, 2008 :

    I am happy to have found this site, so much good information on this drug and I do thank you all for your comments. A bit of my history in hopes it may help someone out there such as some of these comments have helped me.

    I am 49 and just over a year ago I decided to start taking better care of myself and saw the Doc (blew this off for over 5 years) Was told that I had high BP ave 147/94 was placed on 25mg of Micardis with no results, I quit smoking (thank you chantix) started to work out in hopes that this would help. Nope zip, nada. The scrip was increased to 40mg still no results. Once again the scrip was increased to 80mg with 12.5mg of a water pill. This too did not decrease my BP only increased my P output. After a year and what I thought were great strides in taking better care of myself including diet, still no change in my BP. On my last visit to the Doc. (3 weeks ago) she placed me on Bystolic 5mg I tried this for the 2 weeks then back to the Dr. for a follow up. Yes strike up the band and start the parade the BP was down to an acceptable reading ave. 135/80. Now for the fun part I did experience some swelling in my lower legs with a feeling the skin was stretched and will tear. Ok endured it thinking is was the changing of the meds and no longer taking the water pill (water weight)experienced stomach pains these still are on going. Also noted that some sexual side effect as noted in some of the blogs above(happy to hear this will pass),some dizzyness at times. Just recently had a stint in the hospital and did not take my Bystolic for 2 days(be warned some hospital pharm. do not carry this drug yet bring your own) due to this and not being told I skipped 2 days and did feel a bit better. I am now back on the 5mg and stomach pains are back and the general yuck feeling is back. I will be calling the Dr. today to report all of this. I am happy to hear with a little time this all will pass.

    Thank you all once again for your comments it is nice to know that I am not the only one that has some of the non published issues.

  72. Comment from Tony on December 4th, 2008 :


  73. Comment from die on December 8th, 2008 :

    i have hp 150/107, it does go down through out the day, i have been put on three hp meds troprol , hyzarr and one other one and the other day i was taken off troprol and put on bystolic 10mg, took and had side efffects right away!! I felt like i was running, and i just felt pain in the chest. I went back to the doctor and he just put me on 20mg bystolic, said that the reseon that i had side effect , because he took me of high tropol.

  74. Comment from Bob on December 14th, 2008 :

    Hi my name is Bob and I have high blood pressure. Anyways I do not take meds and just took my first Bystolic 5mg a hour ago, and am scared of just having a sudden heart attack because of this, but I guess my chances are better not taking this. Had a BP of 182/97, but I felt fine. Is there a chance of feeling no side effects? Well I will let you know. I fear, the fear of taking the med will cause my heart rate to increase making me more scared and making it go faster. So people with headache problems, is it ok to take Advil for it? Good luck to all and thanks, your posts have calmed my nerves some. As long as I don’t have any chest pain side effect I think I can handle this.

  75. Comment from Jackie on December 15th, 2008 :

    Wow! How helpful is this site. I use and it only had 8 reviews total. 1. I guess I can stop asking my dentist to grind down one of my crowns (twice)as now other teeth are hurting and guess when it started? 2. I am taking only 2.5 mgs. 3. My legs hurt and I am going to vascular surgeon tomorrow (who did my varicose vein surgery) because it feels like my veins are swelling. I am a RN and hate BP meds, especially metoprolol. CO q10 should be fine with this med to Sarah I think asked. My BP is normally nice and low but the slightest thing like a doctor visit shoots it up. I wish I knew which is worse the occasional high bp (150/75) instead of 110/55 or the meds. My doc insists that is it the occasional high bp that can kill you. I was a cardiac nurse long ago, but still can’t figure out if these meds are worth the side effects. Thanks for the forum - so helpful.
    Wish I could remember the name of the guy with the dizzyness while on vacation - sounds absolutely like vertigo. I felt like an idiot when went to the ER thinking BP/heart and it was vertigo - nasty stuff.

  76. Comment from willy on December 16th, 2008 :

    hello i’m taking Bystolic and my blood presure if fine no side efects but cost to much money to refield

    there is anithyng cheper on the market similar to bystolic…

  77. Comment from Ruth on December 16th, 2008 :

    I have been on Toporal, wth severe diarrhea , and now, the same with Bystolic. Also hair loss. Does anyone know of a beta blocker that does not have these side affects? I am scared to death to be taken off , as my pulse just races, but I cannot tolerate the exterem diarrhea.

  78. Comment from Jackie on December 17th, 2008 :

    I’m back on low dose inderal generic (propanolol). The brand Inderal only comes in 60mg for the lowest dose and I am so sensitive I can’t take a very high dose. I’ve taken it on and off for thirty years and am so glad to be back on it. No side effects and I can take it as needed UNLIKE Bystolic. The pharmacist today at Costco said many, many patients have complained to him of many side effects, especially leg swelling from Bystolic. It’s the ace inhibitor part that is the troublemaker I suspect. So to RUTH, I recommend Inderal for higher doses or the generic for lower doses. I was a cardiac RN for a time.

  79. Comment from Erik on December 18th, 2008 :

    Bystolic has no ACE inhibitor in its chemical structure. It inhibits B1 activity in lower doses and B1, B2 in some higher doses - be careful if you have bronchospastic disease, such as asthma or emphysema. Doubtful to have any effect on angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE). I am a current Bystolic user and Cardiac RN of 12 plus years. All meds, beta blockers included, perform differently in different people; unfortunately trial and error is the only salvation for some.

  80. Comment from Rob Ferguson on December 19th, 2008 :

    This is one of the most current, extensive, and pertinent for me, blog I have ever seen. Yesterday my doctor switched me to Bystolic from a number of other medications. I am 78 years old and have battled high blood pressure for several decades. For years I was on Toprol and dizziness was the only persistent side-effect I had. When that got more than I could handle my doctor switched me to Carvedilol (Coreg). That only helped me a little.
    Yesterday when in came into the ‘inner room’, he had a big smile on his face. He said that a ‘new’ drug was now approved for use in this country after over 10 years of success in Europe. He said that this should be the answer to my problem. Since his specialty in medical school was pharmacology my hopes soared. After the many pros and cons pointed out earlier in this blog, I will keep my fingers crossed. Since apparently iy takes time to adjust to the change in medication, I’ll give it a month and report back if this blog is still active.

  81. Comment from mlf on December 21st, 2008 :

    have taken bystolic for a week and had no side effects.a couple of days ago started feeling dizzy and an intermittant headache in the back of my head. has anyone eles had this?

  82. Comment from Reggie on December 24th, 2008 :

    To MLF.
    I did have occasional headaches when first taking Bystolic. For the most part they went away as I adjusted. My experience has been that all of the side affects come and go from time to time although they are less intrusive over time.

  83. Comment from kathie digiacomo on December 26th, 2008 :

    my 83 year old mother was on Benicar for the last couple years and sometime in August of this year, her blood pressure started to rise again. Her doctor then started her on Diovan. Both of these BP pills have a diuretic in them, and she was also put on Potassium. She started itching in Sept. She had numerous hives and suddenly they were appearing all over her body. Within about 3 weeks she developed large blisters. Hundreds of blisters, and hives all over her body, including the bottoms of her feet and palms of hands, etc. The doctor then sent her to a dermatologist. They did several biopsies and was eventually diagnosed with Bullous Pemphigoid. This is considered one of the 3 BLISTERING DISEASES. They stopped the BP medicine, and started her on prednisone. She is also taking Warfarin, (coumadin) and synthroid as she has Thyroid disorder, and has had a couple of strokes. Her BP started going up again and she is now taking Bystolic. However, the disease she has, is an auto-immune disorder, no cure and is chronic. It comes and goes with the blisters. The new specialist we saw last week has said it could be as long as 5 years before she goes into remission, and that may only last a couple weeks. The Bystolic seems to be working well with controlling her Blood Pressure, however, she has severe swelling of the legs and ankles and feet. Says she is exhausted constantly, dizzy and fullness in her legs. Doctor said that is normal and will eventually go away. She is again on a water pill and potassium, Vitamin D and zinc. This disease also has required her to be on Prednisone on a daily basis. With all these medications, she is also having bad dreams, even tho she is also on Temazapan, to sleep. I just feel that she is on WAY too many medications. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? I do like her doctor, but sometimes I think that the pharmacy reps leave all these samples and the doctors don’t have enough time to read all the side effects when taken with other drugs.

  84. Comment from Donna on December 28th, 2008 :

    I’ve been taking Bistolic 2.5 mg for a month now with absolutely no side effects and the BP is much lowered, no heart skips either! Try the 2.5 dose.

  85. Comment from Judy on December 30th, 2008 :

    I must say that reading all of these responses from people who are taking bystolic is wonderful!! I thought I was going crazy with the feelings that I was having. I just started taking 5mg bystolic on Dec. 19. Although it has definitely lowered my bp, the side effect I am having were scaring me. That is, until I read some of your comments. It seems that I am experiencing the same thing many of you are….tightness in chest, dizziness, leg pains, loss of appetite ( good time to start me diet!) It is nice to hear that the majority of you say these symptoms go away in 4-6 weeks. I also have a low tolerance to meds so I am thinking when I go back to the doctors on Jan. 12, that I might suggest the 2.5 dosage instead. At night my bp has been as low at 105/53!! It was 170/95 a couple weeks ago!! I have a small bp wrist monitor that I use. It is relatively accurate. So, I am thinking that the 5mg might be too much for me but guess I will leave that up to my doctors discretion. Anyway, I want to thank you for all the comments. It is nice to be able to read about others peoples reactions to drugs and realize that I am not alone in what I am experiencing. Happy Healthy New Year to all.

  86. Comment from Mary B on December 31st, 2008 :

    I been taking 5 MG Bystolic for 2.5 months I am experiencing shortness of breath my doctor is not concern about this. please let me know if you are having this sympton after taking this medication for 2 months.

  87. Comment from Teresa on January 4th, 2009 :

    I am a 38 year old who started Bystolic a few days
    ago for tachycardia. I am currently taking 5mg.
    I am having some insommia, nausea, and diarrhea.
    I am going to follow everyones advice and stick
    with the medication. I do feel like I have a
    little bit of more energy and my heart has slowed
    downed. I think I would do better if I could stay
    out of the bathroom.

  88. Comment from Judy on January 5th, 2009 :

    To Teresa,
    I also had diarrhea when I first started the meds but it has definitley slowed down. I am in the 3rd week now and don’t have many side effects at all. Just hang in there and hopefully you will see an improvement also.

  89. Comment from Reggie on January 6th, 2009 :

    To Mary B.

    I take 10mg of Bystolic. I also experience less cardiovascular capability than is typical for me when I exercise. I also on occasion have some breathing issues. My doctor (both my family and cardiologist) does not seem to be concerned. I don’t know if that is a natural result of taking a beta blocker that slows my heart rate down to 55.

  90. Comment from Tony H. on January 7th, 2009 :

    I am 41 and was placed on Bystolic 10mg, 1 a day last week. I have read all comments, but hopefully a male will reply to this question. I am now always tired and don’t have enough energy to finish brushing my hair. I am seriously concerned because I have noticed erectile dysfunction over the last couple of days. Have anyone else experienced this? If so, how long did it last?

  91. Comment from MikeP on January 9th, 2009 :

    Hi Tony H.
    I take 5 mg a day, but I think that shouldn’t make too much of a difference. The fatigue is definitely a problem with all beta blockers but it is less with BYSTOLIC. These symptoms (including mild gastro and joint issues)will improve as your body adjusts to this medication. Once your body adjusts you will be very pleased that you stayed with this medication. Most HBP meds have side effects. If you switch to another medication you will have to adjust to a new medication all over again. The ED will also improve. Morning Erections is the proof.

  92. Comment from ShellyS on January 12th, 2009 :

    I started taking Bystolic in early Dec 08 and that’s when all the problems started.
    I am extremely tired and weak. Severe left shoulder and arm pain. Heart racing, fast pulse rate. Nightmares and anxiety. No sleep. Feel like I’m an drugged and in a fog.
    Last night I was hallucinating. Extreme headaches at base of neck contstantly.
    Went back to doctor last week for the tingling and numbness in leg. I had to see another doc in practice and he never suggested it could be the meds. I am now scheduled for an MRI to rule out MS. I never had these symptoms before. Started reading about side effects and scared out of my wits. How do I wean myself off thsi drug if I could suffer a heart attack. Really concerned.

  93. Comment from mlf on January 12th, 2009 :

    i have taken this drug for one month. the first week i had headaches like you would not believe.the second week was a little better. by the third week i started to turn red. by the fourth week i was red and had itching all over,and what felt like a lump in my throat. the doctor took me off of it and said i was having a reaction to it . so i stopped and within two days i have developed severe muscle aches in my chest and back,dizziness and general tiredness. doctor put me back on it at a lower dose to see if it would help with these symptoms.has anyone else had this happen to them when getting off of this drug?

  94. Comment from DelaLouise on January 13th, 2009 :

    Hello every one and Happy New Year!!! I wanted to post yet another update about being on Bystolic. I went back to my Doctor on December 15th for a BP check up and to my mortification - my BP was very high: 158/104!!!! Ouch - this is after being on 10 mg since the second week in October!?!?! Anyway, to say the least - I was distressed. My Doctor put me on 20 mg of Bystolic. I don’t go back to the Doctor again until April. As I mentioned in my previous posts I did experience some side effects (headache, upset stomach, teeth hurt) that have all gone away completely. I feel great. I haven’t gained any weight, I don’t have any swelling at all and I can work out great without any cardio problems at all. I am still concerned with my BP though. It is still on the slightly high side - 138/91 or in that range. Does anyone know if there could be something else going on in my body that would not respond to BP medication? To Bob who posted on December 14th, you can take Ibuprofen (generic Advil) for pain and headache with Bystolic. You can also take Benadryl for sinus/allergy problems, but other wise, I was told that there really is not much else you can take due to contradictive impacts with the Bystolic. The only other comment I would like to make here in regards to the other people having a lot of side effects, and please don’t get offended, but if you are drinking any - ANY - alcoholic beverages at all while you are on Bystolic, stop all together, and see if that helps with any of your side effects. Alcohol is one of the most offensive for water retention and it can also play havoc with how your blood vessels contract and expand when you are on a BP medication like Bystolic. Good Luck Every One!!!

  95. Comment from dayla on January 14th, 2009 :

    i am reporting back about some changes that happened since last i wrote. i was taking 5mg. bystolic and doing really well for 3 months when my bp started going high in the afternoons. i’m thinking it might have been the cold weather. my doctor told me to increase it to 10mg. i got all the side effects again. headache, mild nausea, loose bowels, head tingling, thirsty, but they have mostly gone away after 3 weeks. the raynauds disease in my toes is worse now though, just have to try to keep the toes warm. i sometimes have this clicking in my ear but it dosen’t bother me that much. my bp is staying under 140/80. i also exercise everyday and lost 25 lbs. i just hope it stays down because i’ve tried all the different families of medicines for high bp and wasn’t able to have a life with them.

  96. Comment from JONI on January 17th, 2009 :

    Thanks to all of these posts. I feel better now. I have been taking Bystolic 5 mg for one week now. I have experienced the watery stools also. Today my lower legs were swollen, and must comment on the wild nightmares. I pray there is no weight gain. As I continue to take Bystolic, I will update on these side effects.

  97. Comment from SteveG on January 22nd, 2009 :

    I’ve had experiences with quite a few beta blockers over the past few years. All the Bystolic hype about being third generation etc. is rubbish. These are all marketing ploys. This pill known as Nebivolol (BYSTOLIC)has been around in Europe since the early 1990’s. The same time period as TOPROL, ZEBETA and KERLONE. It is not that new and drug companies shouldn’t exagerate or twist the facts. I can say that Bystolic definitely has it’s share of side effects, including water retention, sexual dysfunction, forgetfullnes, increases in Cholesterol and Glucose levels and worst of all, Increased Liver enzymes. The best and safest choice for a beta blocker which I have been currently taking is KERLONE, known as BETAXOLOL. Compared to other beta blockers it is pretty remarkable, though not advertised or very popular.

  98. Comment from Julie P on January 24th, 2009 :

    This blog has been SO helpful. Thank you!

    I’m 49 and have never ever had high blood pressure UNTIL this past October. Lots of stressful life events (sad ones, losing a couple of relatives) had happened. One day during a routine dr. visit I had a reading of 160/80. I freaked out.

    The short version of the story: My doctor put me on 25 mg of hydrochlorothiazide. 2 weeks later, BP still high. 172/70, etc. Oh, I should add that I was also having big bad panic attacks, possibly from worrying over the BP, and probably partly from being perimenopausal. I finally gave in after a panic attack (while driving on the highway!) and let my dr. put me on an antidepressant (Lexapro, which I had used before, years ago) and Bystolic (5mg).

    I had the wildly vivid dreams which wore me out. They went away after about 3 weeks. My BP went down. It continued to drop in my 3rd and 4th week of being on the drug.

    I’m now in my 7th week, and just a few days ago got brave enough to start taking my blood pressure at home, with my wrist monitor. (I was such a wimp I couldn’t stand to take it myself and got all freaked out when the dr. took it.) It was 119/64!

    Last night, it got really low (for me) and was 106/55. I felt kinda crappy. A little weak. I took it several times today and it’s now late evening and it’s down to 105/54. I think, like Judy commented above, that I will ask my doctor if I can go to the 2.5 mg.

    Also, when I use my elliptical, my pulse never goes above 120. Usually more like 108. Exercising on this drug is just bizarre. You just have to judge by your effort, not your heart rate.

    How low is TOO low for a blood pressure? Does it just depend on the person? I have a friend whose bottom number goes down to 40 and she feels fine, but she has always had low BP.

    Another question: I actually have some heart palpitations on this drug. Not irregular heartbeat, but the feeling of a pounding heart, sometimes even in my lower back. I’m getting an ultrasound in a few days, to look at my aorta. (Scary.) Anyone else have this happen?

    Anyway, I’m SO grateful for this blog. I kept thinking “HOW did I get here??? How did I end up with high blood pressure???” It’s not even in my family! It made me really upset. So I’m trying to concentrate on the positive. Like having a drug that helps.

    Thanks for listening.


  99. Comment from Steve on January 24th, 2009 :

    My doctor wants me to switch from Toprol to Bystolic after I complained about constant cold feet and hands. He advises that Bystolic should be very helpful with that symptom. He wants me to take 5 mg instead of the 25 mg of Toprol. But after checking various websites it would appear 2.5 mg of Bystolic would be more appropriate. Also I am seeing contadictory info regarding Bystolic’s effects on cholesterol levels. Any info on these issues? Anyway, this site has been very helpful to me. I have not actually taken my first dose of Bystolic but will advise on the effects.

  100. Comment from kelly on January 29th, 2009 :

    I originally started taking 5 mg of bystolic,now taking 10 and amlodipine l0 plus avapro 300. I was on the avapro for about 7 years until Dec. when my BP shot up (177/105) so my dr.added the other 2. sometimes I do get heaviness around the neck, nasty taste, gums swollen losing weight,which is good. Hard to sleep. I am also taking paroxetine and luvox for anxiety and panic attacks. After reading various blogs I think the amlodipine is the enemy.

  101. Comment from Don on February 3rd, 2009 :

    Been on Bystolic (5 mg) for about 3 months. Started a serious diet the last 6 weeks and have started gaining weight instead of losing. Have been true to it completely. Anyone else seeing the same results?

  102. Comment from Barbara on February 10th, 2009 :

    I am starting my fifth week on Bystolic, prescribed for PVCs. I also take Lexapro because of anxiety and panic attacks. The Bystolic is working well to control the PVCs, but I can never get through a night without waking up with anxiety-like symptoms: sweaty palms and feet, cold chills running down my back and legs. These are much worse when lying down and seem to occur mostly (but not always) at night. I did not have these nightly occurrences before the Bystolic. They usually last around an hour. I am also experiencing the tooth/jaw discomfort some have mentioned. Has anyone had this anxiety-like problem at night? Does it improve?

  103. Comment from Judy on February 11th, 2009 :

    To Don,
    I had actually lost about 7 pounds when I first started taking 5mg bystolic. However, now that I have been on it for 8 weeks, I have gained the 7 back and 3 more and like you, I haven’t changed my eating habits and in fact I have really been watching what I am eating. Not sure what the problem is, but I intend to ask my dr about it when I go in April. Anyone else notice the weight gain? Other than that,the side effects I had in the beginning have all gone away.

  104. Comment from Sherry on February 13th, 2009 :

    I’m 21 (almost 22) who was recommended the bystolic 5mg today by my cardiologist for my heart rate and mitral valve prolapse (also because of chest pain). Does anybody know if bystolic improves chest pain at all, or if it will interfere with asthma?

  105. Comment from Reggie on February 13th, 2009 :

    On the weight gain issue, my first few months on Bystolic I lost weight, but I thought it was because of anxiety over all of the PVC’s. However, the last couple of months I have gained the weight back. Very frustrating. I have changed from 10 to 5mg, hoping to only take as little as possible to control PVC’s.

  106. Comment from Barbara on February 14th, 2009 :

    Have been taking atacand hct for about 5 yrs, and about 3 yrs ago toprol xl 50mg was added…one of the side effects I had with toprol xl was extreme tiredness (was bumped up to l00 mg and had to lower to 50 mg) anyway, the problem I have now is hair loss.
    it began when I got a generic prescription (don’t take generic drugs) and it came out by the brush full, called pharmacy and changed to brand name and it began to come back…now, it’s happening again..just went to my annual cardiologist visit and
    he gave me some bystolic 5mg to try and if I didn’t like it to change back to toprol…now, I’m wondering if I should…any comments? have only read one blog about hair loss??

  107. Comment from Joan on February 14th, 2009 :

    I was on Cardiziem following a cardiac ablation for atrial fib. Post op they put me pack on the Cardiziem but my heart rate was running 110 resting. and I wasn’t feeling well. They switched me to Toprol, and for a while I felt great. BUt over the next 4 months I started feeling more and more crumby…couln’t even walk to the end of the block without feeling really bad. Started feeling like I was a cardiac criple! Went to my family practice who said that Toprol can cause exercise intolerance and also my depression was also a side effect of that. Also very anzious when I would have these episodes of not feeling well. Switched back to Cardiziem which seemed to do the trick for a while. Started to feel some of the same symptoms. My cardiologist said he was going to take me off it in Feb anyway so I started to taper myself off it in late December. Was completely off it by mid Jan. Recently have had episodes of Tachycardia again. OUt of the blue watching a movie, my heart rate goes up to 130! My pulse is running a bit high all the time. Am seeing my cardiologist in two weeks and want to ask him about this med and see if I can get it in a low enough does that it takes care of my tachycardia, but doesn’t give me any side effects. SOME ONE TOLD ME THAT IF YOU SPLIT THE DOSE AND TAKE HALF EVERY 12 HOURS THAT YOU DON”T HAVE AS MANY SIDE EFFECTS??? DOes anyone have any experience with this?

  108. Comment from Reggie on February 16th, 2009 :


    I don’t think Bystolic comes in a pill form that is easily split. The pills are not scored so if you split them it would be hard to make sure you are taking an accurate dose.

  109. Comment from laurie on February 17th, 2009 :

    I am not a computer person, but decided to investigate bystolic. I have had many of the symtoms others have mentioned, however thought they were just menopause. I am 48, and have been on 2.5 mg for about 6 month to treat a rapid heart beat. I’m tired all the time, I’ve gained around 8 lbs. I have had the arm and leg pain at night that actually wakes me up they hurt so bad. My body aches in ways it never used too….getting out of the car my legs ache, sitting in the movie theater my legs ache and I have to shift around, sitting in my living room and standing, my feet hurt. I do have headaches, but always have. I have chills that make me feel like I’ve just stepped into a freezer, and wake up cold at night. Insomnia during the night—yes. And, too top it off, I think now the hair loss my be Bystolic too. Wow, I just saw my Dr. a couple of weeks ago, but now wonder if I should be on something else. This site has been very informing, but now I think I’m going to get the depression too.

  110. Comment from suzan on February 18th, 2009 :

    my comment is to laurie. i”m right there with you.

  111. Comment from MikeS on February 23rd, 2009 :

    Has anyone experienced problems with sexual issues or sexual function while taking bystolic???

  112. Comment from Greta on March 6th, 2009 :

    You all need to start reading on an old website. Simple things caused your problems and simple things can help you.

  113. Comment from Hanne Spence on March 20th, 2009 :

    I have taken bp meds since Sept. 2008. Diovan at first did not do anything for me, my doc switched me to Exforge - didn’t do anything either. Went back on Diovan and added Carvedilol in the am and pm. Had terrible shortness of breath, didn’t think my life was worth living that way. Couldn’t walk three steps. Also gained a lot of weight. Was always freezing. Now my doc has me trying Bystolic in the am and Diovan in the evening. That seems to keep my bp on an even keel (130 something over 60 something to 80 something). Also keeps my heart rate in the 60’s. Has anyone experienced stiffness in the neck and shoulder area? Really have trouble lifting my arms but hope that will go away. It’s definitely better than not being able to breathe.

  114. Comment from Kathleen on March 20th, 2009 :

    I have taken Toprol for afib for several years starting out at 25mg and increasing to 50mg over time. I was taking a generic brand which became unavailable and my doctor switched me to Bystolic 5mg. I didn’t realize how foggy I felt all of the time while on Toprol, I feel so much more like my old energetic self with Bystolic. Been taking it for only 4 weeks but so far so good, I like it a lot better than Toprol. Have experienced the waking up at 4am but found that taking it earlier in the evening instead of at bedtime seems to curb that.

  115. Comment from Donna on March 20th, 2009 :

    Love this site. All of your posts have been reassuring. I was on 50 mg. of generic Toprol XL and 10 mg. Lisinopril for four years. The side effects of these meds were were AWFUL!!! The Toprol XL made me sweat severely and I had awful muscle aches. The Lisinopril gave me a daily cough. I finally found a Doctor who took me off these two meds. She put me on Bystolic 5 mg. OK for a few weeks then started with heart palpitations and feeling cold. She switched me to Bystolic 2.5 mg., the heart palpitations are still happening but the cold feeling has subsided. Was going to stop the Bystolic but after talking to the doctor and especially after reading these posts I’m going to stay on it and give it time for the side effects to subsided. It seems like if you can just fight through the initial side effects it’s a pretty good medicine. I’ll give it 4 to 6 weeks and let you know.

  116. Comment from Maryann on March 23rd, 2009 :

    I have been taking Bystolic 10 mgs for 6 months now not for high blood pressure but for fast pulse rate. Now this fast pulse rate only seemed to be when I was having anxiety attacks or going to visit the doctor. He gave me samples of 10 mgs, didn’t have a choice of the lesser dosage. The one good outcome of the drug is that even when I have an anxiety attack it keeps my blood pressure and pulse rate from going sky high. I still don’t feel good though, pretty much always tired, no energy, gained weight, fog head, legs feel like I walked a mile. Last 4 months right arm started hurting, reach backward and pain, pain, pain. Had MRI, they thought rotator cuff injury. Nothing found, they say arthritis in my roator cuff. Gave me inflamation meds and they did opposite and made my right hand and feet swell up. Starting therapy next week. Can this problem actually be from taking Bystolic?

  117. Comment from Cynthia on March 25th, 2009 :

    I was put on Bystolic 2.5mg a few weeks ago for palpitations caused by anxiety. I had all of the side effects: the vivid weird dreams, the gastro upset, coughing, leg heaviness, chest pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, but the most scary thing was my blood pressure dropped to 81/53 and I was very dizzy. I was told to get off of the meds because I was risking passing out. I have been off the meds for about 7 days and getting off the meds was not pleasant. I had the shakiness, and extreme anxiety. Now at day 7 drug free, my blood pressure has normalized, 113/69, the fatigued has gone, the leg pain/weakness and chest discomfort have gone away. This med was not the one for me.

  118. Comment from Teresa on March 26th, 2009 :

    I’ve been on Bystolic 5mg for two months. I have
    gained seven pounds. I have shortness of breathe
    while walking and chest pain, swelling of my
    legs and leg pains. I would rather have my
    tachycardia than all of these side affects. I plan
    to tapper of and slowly get off this medicine.

  119. Comment from Lillian on March 26th, 2009 :

    I have been on Bystolic 5 mgs. for approximately 4 months. This is the first bloodpressure med. I have been able to stay on that long due to different side effects that were intolerable. My pressure is under control, but I do experience tireness, shortness of breath, mild arm pain,and I recently started hair loss treatment (unsure if Bystolic is the cause of hair loss). I have gained about 8 pounds, but recently, I have been able to walk any where from 30 to 45 minutes. I will continue to take Bystolic unless the side effects become intolerable. If any one has experience hair loss, please let me know.

  120. Comment from Judy on March 30th, 2009 :

    Has anyone tried drinking while taking bystolic? Not that I am a heavy drinker but have been afraid to even have a glass of wine or a frozen marguerita since I’ve started the medication back in Dec. Guess I could ask my dr. but thought I would check with you guys first.

  121. Comment from Ilikeit on March 31st, 2009 :

    I have been on Bystolic for 2 months. I have not experienced any side effects, in fact, I feel quite happy, with no weight gain, hair loss, or non-arousal. I have tried other meds and hated them. I recommend this med and I don’t like taking meds at all if I can help it, but my pressure was 180/110. I just went to the doctor yesterday and it is 124/78. I don’t think I could ask for anything better, so far, so good.

  122. Comment from josh on March 31st, 2009 :

    Judy - casual drinking doesn’t really bother me at all. I am only on 2.5mg/day now, but it doesn’t seem to really make a difference unless you drink quite a bit.

  123. Comment from Melissa on March 31st, 2009 :

    I have taken Bystolic now for a few months and notice a marked increase in joint pain throughout - seeing the doctor this week to go back to Toprol - will just have to take twice a day. I hurt all over, and had similar problems years ago with Calan SR240 –when I switch meds, my pain went away within 3 days - hoping for the same relief this time.

  124. Comment from Donna on April 1st, 2009 :

    I started taking Bystolic in January after Benicar did nothing for my bp. I started at 5 mg a day. Then moved to 10 mg and now am at 20 mg a day. The only side effects I have noticed are a few issues with sleeping (crazy dreams, tired). Even at 20 mg a day my bp hovers around 150/85. Has anyone else not seen a substantial reduction in their levels? My premedication levels were only 160/100. Am I expecting too much?

  125. Comment from chuck on April 5th, 2009 :

    has bystolic made anyone elses wife notice that their seamen taste rancid . this is causing a problem for sure ?

  126. Comment from FG on April 5th, 2009 :

    Was on Metropolol Extended 50 mg. twice daily,
    was changed over bo Bystolic 3 days ago. Very tired, and not sleeping too great. Waking up several times to tinkle. Caught my sons sore throat, Is it ok to take azythromycin antibiodics, and motrin?

  127. Comment from Robear on April 9th, 2009 :


    I am also 42 and was on Bystolic for 2 months…. and YES, it DEFFINITELY CAUSES SEXUAL MALFUNTION AND ERECTILE DYSFUNCITON….. AND I NOTICED IT WITHIN A WEEK AFTER STARTING BYSTOLIC… IT WAS *HORRABLE*! After the 2nd month of not being able to enjoy my girlfriend of 4 yrs anymore, I DEMANDED to be taken off and switched to something else!!! I was taken off and put on LISINOPRIL…. but the ED lasted almost another month BEFORE it wore off….

  128. Comment from Chris on April 20th, 2009 :

    Just started taking 5 mg of Bystolic about 4 days ago. My heart rate was up and blood pressure was about 148/90, so dr. put me on this to lower my pressure. He believes pressure became elevated after me taking Sudafed for about 1 month. Says I should only have to be on this temporarily. So far, this drug makes me extremely tired. I also had an episode after being on it for two days where it felt as if my blood sugar had shot up. I felt weird in the head, almost as if I was going to pass out, also got clammy. Also, haven’t noticed any real changes in my blood pressure, it fluctuates up and down a few points. How long does it take before I will start to see any real changes in my blood pressure? When will this tired feeling go away? Has anyone had the feeling of their blood sugar suddenly spiking up when on this drug?

  129. Comment from Jackie on May 2nd, 2009 :

    I was started on Bystolic last August 2008, after being diagnosed with elevated BP of 150/90 and borderline hgbA1C of 6.3, 6.4 was diabetic(at least with my lab) and fasting of 128. I was put on 5mgs daily. Bp went down to 120/80 and lower pulse was 50’s. I had some dizziness issues. I also started rebounding (jumping on tramp) and watchng portions and carbs. I refused to take oral diabetic drugs. Alot are toxic. I have lost 75 pounds in 8 months and my sugars have been quite normal for over 5 months or so, BP went down to 100/50’s with excecise and wieght loss… Bystolic is down to 2.5 cause I was getting so dizzy at work. Just started having hair loss though so Im not sure its to the Bystolic or not. Can it occur after 8 months of use. I eat a very healthy diet and excecise rebound daily, its become my life style. But my hair is thinning and im freking out!
    I know theres worse alot worse things tohave to deal with though. No joint pain or abd issues with bystolic just the dizziness and low pulse rate of 50. My pulse is now in the 60-70’s with it being cut in half and I feel great at 2.5, hoping to get off when I get down to 160 or so, 29 pounds to go from 260. But the hair loss thing has me stumped…any suggestions??? Jackie

  130. Comment from Leigh on May 11th, 2009 :

    to Jackie, the hair loss may be from losing 75 lbs. in 8 months. Good for you, that is a great weight loss.

  131. Comment from Dyphia on May 13th, 2009 :

    I have just started Bystolic. My doctor has recommended that I take 10 mgs twice a day and then 20 mgs once a day after a week. I took 10 mgs about 4 hours ago and I have a headache. I was on Coreg and Norvasc for four years. I was taken off Norvasc because of severe swelling and put on hydrazaline. I could not handle Hydrazaline at a high dose , so clonodine was added. I couldn’t stay awake with clondine , so the doc took me off everything and started me on Bystolic. I donated a kidney to my son years ago, so I want to have a BP reading in the 115-120/70s range. I hope Bystolic works for me. I’m tired of worrying about my blood pressure.

  132. Comment from Christine on May 14th, 2009 :

    This is my first blog! I have neurocardio genic syncope. Had a pacemaker for 8 years but was taken out 2 years ago. I was also on Toprol XL and had nightmares almost nightly. I have been off toprol for 2 years but have started having my episodes again. They put me on Atenolol and it made me feel fatigued, dizzy, short of breath and freezing all the time. They just put me on Bystolic today so I am wondering if anyone has LOW blood pressure? I have extremely low blood pressure but they have me on this to stabalize my blood pressure so I dont pass out. Anyone else have this problem??

  133. Comment from mike21 on May 19th, 2009 :

    Hi Christine - Bystolic is excellent and one of the better beta-blocker medications available. You did not mention the dosage you are taking. Bystolic begins to lower heart rate and blood pressure starting at 2.5mg. If your blood pressure is extremely low, do not exceed 5mg. a day.

  134. Comment from Greg on May 21st, 2009 :

    Dr. put me on Toprol xl a year ago. I have borderline hypertention and pre atrial contractions that have ended up in all out fibulation 3 or 4 times in 10 years. Toprol worked so very well for me the first 6 months and then I started have more a fibs on the drug than when I started.
    My problem is that I am very athletic and have a low pulse rate, 62-58. When I would take the Toprol my pulse would get in the mid 50-s and bp would be normal but the pre atrial contractions would be very noticeable to where my chest would hurt.
    A new cardio put me on Bystolic 5 mg once a day. I’ve been on it for 3 days. I think the pre- a c’s are less noticeable but my pulse and bp are even lower than they were on the Toprol. I can tolerate low bp and pulse but the PAC’s make me nuts. Will Bystolic eliminate the PAC’s just as when Toprol was first prescribed ?

  135. Comment from SANDY on May 23rd, 2009 :


  136. Comment from Jake Sanders on May 26th, 2009 :

    I was on Benicar HCT for 5 months and it was horrible! Terrible sexual side effects, energy loss, swelling in ankles. I am 45 male with slightly high blood pressure and this medication made me feel like an old geezer.

    The secual side effects come from the HCT/dieuretic and are well documented. My Dr. switched me to 5mg of Bystoclic daily, 11 days ago and it is like I am alive again. No side effects at all and my sex life is back. I do not take any other medications or have any other conditions. My heart rate which is normally a little high is now a perfect 74 at rest and blood pressure went from 140/99 to 125/80. All good!

  137. Comment from Stacy NJ on May 27th, 2009 :

    I started 5 mg Bystolic 3 weeks ago, after being on 25mg Atenolol for a few months. I have a hypertension history, I have run high since age 26. I am 36 now. In that time I have had two children, and my bloodpressure stayed within healthy range, until I was diagnosed mistakenly with Asthma, and given Symbacort. My bloodpressure problems came back and a Echo shows I now have a stage one Mitro valve prolapse ( slightly worse than when I was 26) and an enlarged left ventricle. I am 40 pounds over weight. Anyway, I started Beta blockers, and have had pretty much non stop chest and arm discomfort, pain in the middle of my back and jaw discomfort nightly. I have been to the cardiologist 5 times for this, and now I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test. they do not know what causes my high bp, dizzy spells, chest pain ( angina) and fatigue. It was like this before Bystolic, and its the same on bystolic. the only good thing that has transpired is BP is down to normal and heart rate is down quite a bit. I have tried to start excersizing but 10 minutes after I start, I get arm and shoulder pain. Its extremely frightning. I am a female, btw and don’t know how much more of this I can take, I have two small children, one with some special needs, and it takes all I have just to get through the day with this constant discomfort. Point is, Bystolic is better than atenol at keeping the highs and lows from occuring through out the day, but I take it at night and have chest pain and arm pain for a few hours after I take it, before I finally fall asleep. I find it gives me insomnia a couple nights a week, but not every night. Great comments everyone!

  138. Comment from Reggie on June 1st, 2009 :

    To Greg:

    I can’t speak for atrial fib, but Bystolic did help reduce my level of PVC’s

  139. Comment from Carole on June 2nd, 2009 :


    Been on Propranolol 5mg. (beta blocker) for 7 years for Mytro Valve Prolapse which causes heart palpations. Never really had a problem with the medicine, it had kept my blood pressure pretty good at an average of 140/80 and most of the time kept my palpations in check. My doctor just switched me to Bystolic 5mg. because I’ve been going through a lot of stress, had breast cancer in the winter and I have a few other minor medical issues I’m working on, which brought my blood pressure up to l80/l08. Took the Bystolic (5mg.) and almost passed out because it lowered my blood pressure to much, l06/65. Dr. told me to cut pill in half which I did, and about 1 hour after taking it, I started getting anxiety,clammy hands, rapid heart beats, ran back to the Drs. office and he said, “it’s not the medicine” he said I was just having a panic attack and insisted that I continue on the medicine. Well that was a week ago, and I put myself back on my old medicine and have felt pretty much ok, no anxiety. I’m afraid to try the Bystolic again, don’t want to have another bad day, but I feel I have to prove it to both the Doctor and myself that I’m not crazy. After reading some of the comments above, I’m beginning to think “I wasn’t crazy” it was the medicine. Right now, I don’t know what to do, Im feeling ok on my old meds and my pressure is stable, but I have to see the Doctor in a week and I know he’s not going to be happy with me if I don’t really give the medicine a try. Have 2 more surgeries ahead of me and I know they will be cancelled, if my pressure rises again. Damned if I do, Damned, if I don’t.

  140. Comment from Judy on June 2nd, 2009 :

    I started reading and then writing to this blog back in January. I had the same side effects in the beginning that a lot of you talked about while taking bystolic 5mg. However, since it did lower my blood pressure, I continued taking it. At times my blood pressure was extremely low. I had no energy and often had anxiety and light headedness to the point that several times I thought I was going to pass out. It got to the point where I just didn’t feel good and went to the drs last week and explained how frustrated I was about how I was feeling. I was convinced it was the bystolic. The dr suggested that I stop the meds for 5 days. I was a bit concerned because it says not to stop this drug abruptly. But I figured if my dr said to do it, then it must be ok. I stopped taking bystolic 5mg this past Friday. I feel like a whole new person! I am still taking thalitone, which is a diaretic, which I had been on before. My blood pressure fluxuates between 140/88 to 130/80 which is great for me. I guess the point of me writing this is to say that for myself, I am not a good pill taker. Although I am sure that bystolic works and is good for some people, it just isn’t the pill for me. I am on a low salt diet now and feel like I can actually start exercising again. Just thought I would share my story with everyone.

  141. Comment from CLAIRE MOISE on June 4th, 2009 :

    I have paroxysmal atrial tachycardia and mildly elevated bp. I was on co-reg and was tolerating it well. Then,my doctor put me on bystolic. He is thrilled w/ this new medicine. I have had no side effects,but am beginning to realize that it may be causing weight issues. My abdomen,never tiny,is significantly larger. My actual weight has actually decreased ~3-4# but I have been working on that. Has anyone gone from 5mg to 2.5 mg w/ resolution of weight issues? Also,am noticing just a little leg swelling(”sock marks” on my legs at the end of the day..)

  142. Comment from Reggie on June 4th, 2009 :

    Regarding going from 5mg of Bystolic to 2.5mg, I have suggested that to both my cardiologist and my internist to deal with some of the side effects since I take it primarily for PVC’s, not blood pressure. They have both said that 2.5mg is like taking nothing at all?

  143. Comment from CLAIRE MOISE on June 4th, 2009 :

    Severeal bloggers have said that they are on 2.5mg,so I’m guessing that their doctors have a different opinion.

  144. Comment from Linda on June 4th, 2009 :

    Has anyone switched from taking ATENOLOL to BYSTOLIC? If so, please let me know how it is working for you.

    I started taking Atenolol over a week ago, due to a heart rate increase of 115 bpm. It has worked great at keeping my heart rate and blood pressure down, but at 36 with 2 small kids, it makes me feel tired and run down. I also have a little bit of depression, and have noticed i have gained weight in my face and fingers. Can anyone tell me if Bystolic would be better for me?

  145. Comment from Kim on June 8th, 2009 :

    First, I must say this blog is a very informative resource. ☺

    Second, I’m 41 [soon to be 42]. To give you all some history, three years ago my gynecologist mentioned to me that should see a regular doctor regarding my blood pressure; it was consistently elevated when I was at her office [140/90]. I just dismissed it as being nerves.

    At the persistent urging of my gynecologist over the past three years, I found a new primary physician last month [was without one for six years]. I knew it was overdue because I have been dealing with anxiety issues [work related] and noticed my blood pressure was consistently higher than usual[150/94]. My chief reason to visit the physician was to treat my elevated blood pressure and deal with my anxiety, not to mention have a new primary.

    At the doctor’s office, my heart rate was entirely too high [110] and blood pressure was 188/94. Within minutes I had an EKG administered, which was consistent with my complaint of anxiety.

    She prescribed a psychologist for the anxiety and Bystolic 5mg for my elevated heart rate and blood pressure. She also said that Bystolic will most likely calm me down [I am naturally a very hyper and energetic person].

    NO SIDE AFFECTS WHATSOEVER. In fact, after three days, I feel like a completely different person. Pre-Bystolic, I had tension headaches every day, lightheadedness, anxiety beyond words and my blood pressure and heart rate were always high. After taking Bystolic, ALL OF THOSE SYMPTOMS ARE GONE. My heart rate has been around 78 and blood pressure has been, on average, 130/78.

    Today, I went back to the doctor because she wanted me to have an echocardiogram. Results were normal. Although my heart rate was good [78], my blood pressure was not as low as she wanted it [140/80]. She increased my Bystolic from 5mg to 10mg. Admittedly, I’m a bit stressed about it because I’m concerned I will have side affects from the dosage being doubled.

    I should also mention I am on 20mg of Lipitor and Nor-Q-D) for birth control.

    I will for sure give you all an update once I take the 10mg of Bystolic.

  146. Comment from Kim on June 8th, 2009 :

    Addition to my above post. I was on Bystolic 5 mg for three weeks. Today, she increased my dose to 10mg because the blood pressure wasn’t low enough [although heart rate was good]. I took the Bystolic 10mg 2 hours ago and no side affects [yet].

    I am aware it takes a full two weeks to see the full affect of Bystolic, so we’ll see what my heart rate and blood pressure is after that time.

    I am not anticipating any issues but I will post any updates.

  147. Comment from CT on June 9th, 2009 :

    I’m 46. Most people think I’m 36. Been that way all my life. Never smoked. Rarely drink. With supplements my cholestorel is good. Pretty good diet. Exercise 3-4 times a wk (cardio & weights) Just did my 3rd half marathon and have reduced my times by 20 mins ea yr. 17% body fat avg. I have always had higher BP and higher pulse rate. Have always felt fine and since starting to work out 5 yrs ago feel even better. Having said that my cardiologist doesnt like my BP and HR (145/90, 80-85 resting) 180HR when exercising. I feel great. I do have Wolf Parkison White syndrome which my cardologist says is fine. Just got a perscrip for Bystolic. 5mg. Not sure about all this. I’ve read that mortality rates of indiviuals on BP meds are the same as those not on them. Similar to cholestrol, indiviuals w/Heart Disease can, 50% of time, have great cholestrol levels. So I have questions. Will have to do more research I think.

  148. Comment from Kim on June 13th, 2009 :

    Ok so it’s been a few days…

    When I increased Bystolic from 5mg to 10mg, I had a slight headache the first day, but it may have been coincidental because no side affects since.

    My BP lowered from increasing the dosage…was 140/90 on Bystolic 5mg now it’s 117/75. Of course the real truth will be when I go to the doctor and they use their BP cuff [which they say is more accurate because of the mercury].

    Pulse rate dropped considerably; was between 70-80 on Bystolic 5mg now it’s between 58-68 on Bystolic 10mg.

    I did notice on Bystolic 10mg, my hands are almost always cold but I can live with that.

    Another update once I go back to the doctor on 6/22/09.

  149. Comment from Kim on June 13th, 2009 :

    One more thing…about gaining weight: I noticed I have actually lost my appetite and have lost a few pounds. So no weight gain here.

  150. Comment from Gia on June 15th, 2009 :

    I would like for any of the posters who mentioned hair loss to be more specific as to how much and when they noticed it.

    I just started taking this drug last week and so far I am in a brain fog on 5mg and pretty tired. I was prescribed this drug for vasovagal syncope, my heart is normal, cholesterol 185, weight normal, I’m 49 years old. My symptoms are a rapid heartbeat, sudden drop in BP due to my condition. I do not have high BP. It is usually 120/80, often lower.

    Based on what my dermatologist tells me, a normal person can lose up to 100 hairs per day. How much hair loss are the posters referring to?

  151. Comment from Betty on June 17th, 2009 :

    I am 57 years old. This is my second week on Bystolic. 2.5 mg. I have had a horrible headache this past week…I used to get migraines a few years back. I was on Verapimal for about ten years for MVP and high blood pressure. Well the Verapimal wasn’t controlling my blood pressure. So my doctor put me on Bystolic my blood pressure is getting better…but the headaches are horrible there actually migraines. That is a side effect of the Bystolic. This evening my legs are aching. I read a lot of the comments here, and people are saying to give the pill a chance to get your body used to it. So I will give it a couple more weeks. No hair loss no weight gain as of yet.
    I am happy I found this site. It’s encouraging to read what other people have to say.
    Has anyone else had the headaches and how long did they last? I didn’t get them the first week but this second week they came on really bad.

  152. Comment from TomJ on June 18th, 2009 :

    I’ve been on BYSTOLIC for approx. 4 months. The main side effects I’ve been having are occassional cramps and stomach discomfort and very loose stools. I did not have the loose stools as often while taking TOPROL. Anyone else have the diarrhea or loose stool problem??

  153. Comment from Steve on July 6th, 2009 :

    I have been taking 2.5mg Bystolic for a couple of weeks since a had about 6 hours of rapid heart rate that felt really uncomfortable. I don’t feel any real side effects besides just being a little more relaxed than I was before. I did forget to take the it one day and that night my heart rate did the same thing for about 20 minutes before slowing down. Is it a side effect of not having it in my system? Has this happened to anyone else?

  154. Comment from Theresa on July 7th, 2009 :

    Ive been on bystolic for a little over 6 months and been experiencing anxiety while driving on expressway and bridges. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
    Still confused in to what is causing this until reading some of the commenst sposted on this website! please any comment!!! Very scareyyyy!

  155. Comment from Carol Stewart on July 8th, 2009 :

    I am being treated with Bystolic 10Mg. since others were not working (lisinopril HCTZ,lisinopril, amlod
    ipine besylate and clonidine). Have been taking Bystolic for @ 7 months and gained 29 lbs. so far which I can’t seem to control. Blood work shows LDL
    really going up. Dr. prescribed Crestor and unable to take due to terrible leg and muscle pain. After a couple months on Bys., I did have lots of hair loss
    (take a shower and lose small handsful at a time}
    although this stopped after a couple months. Also experienced severe dizziness in the beginning and it started to decrease after a month or so. My neck seems to have SWELLING that makes me feel like I’m having trouble breathing or a choking sensation. Anyone had that sensation??? Besides all that…my
    blood pressure seems quite regulated for now!

  156. Comment from Becky Gilbert on July 12th, 2009 :

    Jan. 2008 I had MI–I went to the hospital because my doc said he thought it would be a good idea–my only symptom was extreme fatigue. Nothing else! So I was shocked when my blood tests revealed a heart attack. I did have slightly elevated bp but nothing huge. I had 2 stents, sent home on Plavix, 81mg asprin, Macardis–by May I had lost 4 pints of blood from Plavix–There were no outward signs of blood lose–
    About 8 months ago, my son took me to his doc because he was concerned about my health. I was taking Micardis 40mg which caused rynard’s syndrome.
    My son’s doctor put me on Bystolic which seemed to stop the blanching of the fingers. In those 8 months I have gained weight, become depressed, fatigued, MEGA hair loss–I have lost almost all my hair and that is not a small thing! My neck is sore (both sides–I have mentioned it to the docs several times–they just shake their heads)–headaches–these symptoms are only getting more severe as my blood pressure gets lower. I have become rather reclusive which is so out of character for me! My feet & ankles just began to swell 4 weeks ago–after 7 months on the med. The first thing in the morning when I get out of bed my feet and legs hurt–like knives going through the bone–that only happens when I get out of bed then it goes away as I walk–not even a minute, from the bedroom to the kitchen. Recently, I have experienced shortness of breath–(even after a recent stent).
    Now I’m on a diurectic, I was on Cymbalta for the depression, Ambien to sleep at night (although have bad dreams and now sleep walk)I also take pain meds and flexeril–Thank God for those of you that do so well on this med and perhaps many will get better the longer they are on it…it took a while for the fatigue, hair loss, and weight gain–but I know the meds are causing these problems but as so many of you have said–What can you do.
    I went to the ER for a cough and fever 2 months ago. I had been coughing for 4 days and just wasn’t getting any better so my son insisted I go to the ER. As many of you may know, if you have ever had a heart attack or serious heart problems the ER makes you wait til the next day and has a specialist see you….exactly what happened. When he came in he kept asking me what symptoms I had with my chest pain. He was getting extremely frustrated with me as I told him I had this cough with a fever and the only other symptom that resembled my previous heart attack was fatigue. He told me in the morning they would be taking me in for another angioplasty–I was stunned. For a cold–I told myself that I would not return to the ER unless I was dying! I was truely upset as I didn’t see any reason for the proceedure. One of the cardio docs asked if I wanted pics of the proceedure–I was negative on the matter but told them my daughter would most likely love it. I’ll be darned if they didn’t put another stent in another part of one of the same arteries as a year and a half ago–and I have the pictures to prove the 80% blockage.
    The main reason I wrote this blog was to let you know about my problems with Bystolic (5mg x day)– I had tried Tropal XL–horrible could not move out of bed at all from the first 2 days! In the beginning, I thought Bystolic was a wonder drug–not now! My dad died of CHF in 2004 at the old age of 89! That man looked like he had his own pharmacy. I got off of the Cymbalta because it seemed to have a cumlative effect over months and I began to feel life was not worth living. I don’t feel that way, but the side effects of this wonder drug are a heavy burden to bear…I did not know there was a 2.5mg of the drug. I don’t know if that would help to grow my hair back or lose the weight I’ve gained or help with all the other problems–but went to my GP today and told him that I want a blood test to check my thyroid (I take synthroid now)–I want every test possible run as well as my B12 and heart enzymes. Next week
    I hope this answers question for those of you that have just started this medication…I am getting worse over time…not better.

  157. Comment from cheryl on July 27th, 2009 :

    Hi, Anyone have an increase in their trigylceride levels on Bystolic or formation of kidney stones?

    I was put on Bystolic 5mg for PVC’s/PAC’s and pulse rate of 120 resting… I also have IBS and periodic flares of Diverticulitis (2 in the past 4 years requiring ER visits/hospitalization).

    The last ER visit was in May for Diverticulitis. They did the CT scan to check the abdomen and found a 3 mm kidney stone also (which the ER did not tell me about but my primary care doc did when I saw her last week when she happened to read through the report). I had blood work done at my request after seeing the comments about cholesterol levels going up. My cholesterol ldl is 110 and HDL is 53 but my triglycerides went from 142 to 209 in 6 months. I have also put on weight and told this to my docs but they do not think either is related to the medication but diet( my diet has not changed). The irregular heart beats have gotten better but i would not say are completely gone. My heart rate, though, has really gone down to 70 to 80 bpm.

    I am just wondering if it is the medication..

  158. Comment from Carol on July 30th, 2009 :

    Has anyone had any problem with bruising? I have been on 10 mg of Bystolic for about 3 months…my BP is now under control and I haven’t had too many side effects…but my legs bruise…. just touch me and I have black and blue marks….stopped the low dose asprin but still look like someone has been beating me…they take forever to heal….any thoughts?????

  159. Comment from Jayne Poole on July 31st, 2009 :

    I have been taking bystolic 10mgs since October. It has been great controlling my blood pressure and heart rate but my liver enzymes and cholesterol are through the roof and I have been diagnosed with hyperlipedemia. I am also losing my hair(bad). I don’t know what to do because no other beta blocker worked. Has anybody else experienced these problems especially the hair loss and has their doctor addressed these symptoms?

  160. Comment from Kim on August 1st, 2009 :

    An update…it’s been six weeks since I’ve been taking 10mg of Bystolic (dosage was increased from 5mg). No side affects whatsoever. My heart rate has dramatically decreased, as well as my BP. If anything, I am calmer than I was before and do not have the physical manifestations from stress.

    The real truth will be when I have my blood work done, which is in two weeks. I’ll post another update then.

  161. Comment from PeteD on August 9th, 2009 :

    Bystolic is one of the best medications currently available. It’s one of the best beta blockers that can improve the negative side effects of hypertension. It calms the heart, widens blood vessels and improves heart function by the release of nitric oxide. Bystolic can be taken alone as monotherapy. I did not need to take any other blood pressure medications once I started Bystolic. Many postings are also mentioning that they do not need to take their anti-anxiety medications because they feel calmer. I had some side effects for the first few weeks, then it was smooth sailing.

  162. Comment from MyMichelet on August 12th, 2009 :

    I started on Bystolic for MVP June/July 2008; started on 5mg then bumped up to 10mg within 2 mths. For 9 mths I took 10mg & an ASTOUNDING quality of life resumed I hadn’t felt since summer of ‘04. Who knew? I was having chest pains previously that brought me to my knees due to the MVP w/ regurgitation. HOWEVER, 9 months into 10mg my chest pains come back- the Dr DOUBLES my script so now I am on 20mg. No weight or any issues mentioned here BUT, all the quality of life without the pain seems to be trading places with the on-set of depression (which our family is prone to & I have taken & keep an ongoing script of BusPar but haven’t taken it because I AM so much calmer with the Bystolic…) But ALSO a definite decrease in LIBIDO… I have heard of men noticing significant reactions over time but no women commenting. My husbands works out of the country for WEEKS at a time and we can tell something is ‘wrong’ haaa

    All that being said- Bystolic reminded me of the life I lived before I even realized I was sick… I thought I was just ’slowing down’ as I entered my 40s. What a crock!! My family is full of VERY active 60+ year olds so I need to keep up!

    Has anyone been moved FROM Bystolic onto anything else?? Since I have MVP & most everyone else has Hypertension or High BP it is hard for me to get feedback but I appreciate whatever ya’all got to say! Thanks!

  163. Comment from MyMichelet on August 12th, 2009 :

    OH I did COMPLETELY forget to mention trouble sleeping. Before the Dr doubled the script I was having dreams. Epic Hollywood Blockbuster like dreams…my husband was wanting me to write them down even…once the Dr doubled it…WOW, more often and ALL nighters. I feel like I have insomnia now. I have slept about 8 hours in the last 4 days.

    And I forgot this too: chest pains have been back within 4 months of taking the 20mg so either I have something going on with that heart valve or I fear the Dr upping the dosage. I see some of you taking 2.5 and laughed… Ugh, this getting old is for the birds!

  164. Comment from Reggie on August 13th, 2009 :

    I am going in the opposite direction. After starting at 10 mg, I moved to 5mg last fall. The Bystolic helps my PVC’s but the sexual side affects began to take their toll. I am now weaning off of the Btstolic completely. My BP is fine; time will tell what happens with the PVC’s. Since I have had every test possible including a catherterazation with negative results, I am told the heart function is fine.

  165. Comment from dave on August 22nd, 2009 :

    Lots of good info here, but I have a question important to me: who takes Bystolic in the morning and who takes it at night? I am trying to decide best time to take it that might minimize afternoon feeling bad.


  166. Comment from Kim on August 22nd, 2009 :

    I take Bystolic at night. I find that works better for me.

    I did get my blood results back, everything was great.

  167. Comment from Geneva Garcia on August 23rd, 2009 :

    I have been on Bystolic now for three days, and so far I have not had any side effects. May come later, maybe? I surely hope not. I was on Toprol/Metoprololfor a long time and had several side effects. I surely hope this Bystolic is the one for me. Right now I am pleased with it, but I guess time will tell.

  168. Comment from ashley on August 24th, 2009 :

    I’m 24 i’ve been on 5mg bystolic for a little over two months. my Dr put me on it for palpitations and high bp was also told i had a free flow murmur.I’ve been back for a follow up and happy to say bp was a bit lower and no more murmur still have palp every once in a while.So far the side effects i’ve had have haven’t been so bad.headaches that last a few hours shoulder pain upset stomach but it never lasts long sometime i get a tight feeling in my chest, lack of apatite and when i do eat i have this full feeling that won’t go away or if i wait to long to eat it feels like its going to come back out,lots of burping was given zantac to help with the tummy issues. no weight gain i’ve lost about 30 pounds since being on the med.Also noticed a decrease in my sex drive boyfriend hated that one :-P but as time went by they’ve almost gone just not the full feeling. oh almost forgot lots of early morning trips to the bathroom

  169. Comment from MyMichelet on August 26th, 2009 :

    Ashley, loosing weight & loss in libido together sounds wrong doesn’t it? LOL That full feeling will keep the weight loss going so keep an eye on it- if its a long term side effect, seriously you do not want to keep loosing!!! I have epic dreams and have tried taking the meds at diff times of day to offset this side effect but haven’t noticed any difference in time of day and have been taking for over a year. These meds have no ill effect taken with food or not either; I have tried this but I am fine regardless LOL

  170. Comment from Anna on August 31st, 2009 :

    Has any one had trouble with feet pain or bleeding problem? I take 5mg.

  171. Comment from Joe on September 2nd, 2009 :

    I’m 37 and appear to be in excellent health. I run each day and lift weights when possible. I work in law enforcement and Last week my blood pressure shot to 162/100.

    I was placed on Bystolic. I’m experiencing shallow breathing, I feel depressed and as if I am in a fog. I was told I was put on a betablocker as the adrenaline produced from work causes my blood pressure to spike.

    Does anyone know if a traditional blood pressure med. will work without the same side effects???????

    I would appreciate your feedback.

  172. Comment from Janet Tunget on September 8th, 2009 :

    I have experienced weight gain and inability to lose weight no matter what since taking Bystolic. I have had horrible hair loss - handfuls, and experienced terrible insomnia. I loved my Verapamil - but my dr. took me off of it due to stomach upset. I think stomach upset is better than no hair and weight gain. I also experience swelling of my lower legs and ankles from time to time.

  173. Comment from Larry Grimm on September 18th, 2009 :

    Are there zny diabetics who have had elevated blood glucose readings after starting to take Bystolic? I have been taking it for one week (replaces metoprol)and have had no other side effects.

  174. Comment from Joy on September 29th, 2009 :

    I’ve been on Bystolic 5 mg for over 6 months. I have dropped 40lbs and continue to lose. I have no appetite, nausea, and indigestion. I’m constantly fatigued, have chest pains, heart burn, sore joints, and very tight muscles. I want to go off but my cardio insists I stay on it. He says that all the symptoms above are due to depression and I argue with him, he’s even gone as far as writing a script for an antidepressant that Forest makes too! I’m starting to think conspiracy theory here. I had high blood pressure from stress (losing my mom, divorce, and sister going through chemo). My b/p was 191/99;however, now its about 117 over 70. I started cutting my meds in half and it’s still about the same; however, my b/p goes up when I get stressed out but isn’t that normal. Personally, I want off this drug and I guess I’ll ween myself off very slowly. Has anyone weened themselves off with no side effects?
    P.S. Cheers to everyone for posting. I know now I’m not nuts nor making up the symptoms. Also, time for a new cardio.

  175. Comment from Reggie on September 30th, 2009 :

    I have taken bystolic for a little over a year. First 10 mg, then 5mg for PVC’s. I weaned off of the 5mg over a one month period. The process was not difficult. My reason for doing so was to avoid some of the side affects, but had nothing close to what you mention. Recently, I went back on at 2.5mg twice a day to see if that was better. The bystolic does help my pvc’s and also helps keep blood pressure down. Ultimately, I decided with input from docs that the less wear and tear on how hard your heart works with a beta blocker off set the side affects. Mine are some fatigue and random chest pains and indigestion.

  176. Comment from Joy on September 30th, 2009 :

    Thank you for posting Reggie. Today is the third, maybe fourth, could be fifth day I’ve cut the 5mg in half and I feel like my body is flooding with adrenaline. HOWEVER, my appetite is coming back. I actually feel hungry which I haven’t felt in a long, long time. Maybe I should ween off the 2.5 first. How did you do it? Just cut the pills in smaller pieces? or take one one day and then skip a day?

  177. Comment from Reggie on October 1st, 2009 :

    At the time I was taking 5mg pills. Since they cannot be easily cut in half, I took one every other day for 2 to 3 weeks and then stopped.

  178. Comment from Joy on October 2nd, 2009 :

    Thank you Reggie. I’m sort of cutting/cracking/breaking my med here and there and trying for smaller pieces each day. But I’ll try doing both: breaking and skipping.
    Has anyone out there tried Hawthorn for lowering B/P? The woman at the health food store told me she went from 200/100 b/p down to 120/80 with Hawthorn alone. She’s in her 50s, divorced, disabled child, and now in the work force (min wage) for the first time in her life (I guess her b/p was stress related). She didn’t want to start on drugs so she went the herbal route and it’s worked miracles for her; however, she was under the guidance of a Naturopathic doctor. Anyone else gone this route? And did it work, help, make things worse? Any suggestions/recommendations/warnings?

  179. Comment from Jackie on October 9th, 2009 :

    none of the herbs or essentual oils worked for me. I used them for awhile and ended up damaging my heart with left wall thicking. I went on Bystolic and have great BP now and my cardia states that my heart issue may improve. My Bps were never as high as the lady mentioned aboove more like 140-150s over low 80s and I had some damage. She should see a cadio and get her heart checked out first, make sure there is no damage. Hope this helps. You cant be too careful with your heart!

  180. Comment from Chris Pratl on October 20th, 2009 :

    Thank you so very much for this webpage. My 71-year old mother has been having some of these symptoms from 2.5mg of Bystolic (hair loss, liver enzymes out of whack, fluctuating weight and sore joints, depression) and we thought we were crazy. Her doctor took her off of ti for a couple of weeks to see if occasional dizziness was caused by the blocker, but it was just plain vertigo. When mom was off it she lost about six eight pounds (coincidental?) and became overly-depressed to where her Effexor was not even doing the trick. She is now back on it and the vitals seem to be regulating again, thankfully.

    I left a link to this wonderful page on my site because I feel it’s a necessity for other people to interact with each other to keep tabs, so to speak. This alleviated a lot of concerns so far, so thank you much! Hope all of you find the answers you’re seeking and enjoy life like I’m trying to do for my own mother!

  181. Comment from MyMichelet on November 17th, 2009 :

    checking back on this site and want to update and tell anyone who has any stress issues or depression that my Dr ok’d me taking Cymbalta along with the Bystolic- I do not have a high BP issue so taking the two together was not an issue- however, the Cymbalta is also used for anxiety and I gotta tell you guys- instead of upping the Bystolic, taking the Cymbalta has COMPLETELY eliminated my issues- I was diagnosed with MVP (Mital Valve Prolapse) with regurgitation & we had already doubled the Bystolic once. My cardio has had me wear a heart monitor devise twice now for 21 days each time and we just couldnt figure out what the other issues are because I would have tightening of the chest, palpitations, my heart would skip a beat, sometimes if felt like it would ‘roll over’ in my chest when I was just laying in bed reading or playing on my phone or in the mornings when I would be listening to my daughter get ready for school…doing nothing! My Dr did not want to up the Bystolic again nor did want to just ‘try’ me on something else- when I asked him about Cymbalta as I have had a lot of stressful issues ongoing the past 3 years (kids are 26, 24, 21 & a daughter about to be 18- need I say more? LOL) And it’s been a month and get this- NO MORE OF ANYTHING! It makes me want to try going off the Bystolic HAHA

    There is hope and for those of you who have a cardio who won’t make it a priority to make you COMFORTABLE- get a new one- that is their job- to make our lives as quality filled as possible… BTW My side effects on the Cymbalta are lessened than the horror stories- I was given 30mg a day and I started taking 1 every 3 days for 2 weeks then 1 every other day for 2 weeks…the morning sickness feeling was pretty bad but not horrible. My family is full of lifetime nurses ready to retire & my mom worked at a state psych ward for a good while so I am not ‘playing’ with my meds without a little direction so don’t try it yourself without a Dr’s permission. Just an update.

    Also- loss of libido is a side effect- you just have to make the most out of LIKING sex…being in the mood for a woman is a lot easier to deal with than a man…so loss of libido is really no excuse for not being intimate LOL

    Also- the pain or coldness in hands and feet is because valves in those areas are similar as our heart so tell the Dr- it is a side effect they want to know about!!!

    Hope you all have a good thanksgiving.

  182. Comment from Kris on November 18th, 2009 :

    I have been having terrible pvc’s and my Dr put me on 5 mg of Bystolic. Wondering how long it takes for the meds to kick in and notice a difference in the pvc’s?? I am going to go crazy if these don’t start improving soon!

  183. Comment from mr.ed on November 20th, 2009 :

    Been on 16 diffrent b.p meds already, all had adverse side effects and caused big problmes ! toprol xl being the worse one! was put on verapamil for years did ok - now cardio doc put me on bystolic
    5mg am and 5mg p.m along with verapamil in a.m only
    at 120mg - doing ok , but still get alot of cramping and pains! soreness in shoulders and back area’s as well left ankle swells and congested a bit and cough
    sometimes when working or moving around, get like a awfull clamping feeling on back and sides and belly
    then it stops ! belly also is bloated and get gas at night trapped taking gas x for that issue..
    im trying to stick with this stuff and see if its subsides and stops the aches and pains !

  184. Comment from Ginger on December 7th, 2009 :

    I like the Bystolic but do not like the weight gain and hair loss. Anyone know if the hair loss is permanent? I have been taking 5mg for 5 months. Drug company sounded surprised when I told them, so please report cases of hair loss to them.
    1-800-678-1605 ex. 66297

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  186. Comment from reggie on December 9th, 2009 :

    To Kris:

    Depends as to how long it takes to help with PVC’s. When I first started taking Bystolic at 10mg, it took about 6 weeks and then they still came and went. Now on 2.5 twice daily and they are controlled probably 75-90% of the time.

  187. Comment from jay on December 19th, 2009 :

    i am taking Bystolic for almost 8 months now,i have a few different medicine before,i encounter all kind of side effect,Bystolic make my heartbeat low from 90 to 60 bps and not only that i was telling to my doctor since i start taking Bystolic i have this pain in my left chest not inside like wall but his ignoring me .i got nervous everytime,sometimes i feel like i am going to pastout.have a lost hair problem too.i need to talk to my doctor i need a new medication, any idea? i am new in this High blood problem.

  188. Comment from reggie on December 22nd, 2009 :


    I’m no doctor but Bystolic as a beta blocker is going to lower your heartrate. That is one of the intended benefits of a beta blocker–less beats = less stress on your system and lower blood pressure. I think chest pain are also something that some users of Bystolic have complained of. I have never had the hair loss issue. I would discuss all of these symptoms with your doctor.

  189. Comment from Angie on December 25th, 2009 :

    I was prescribed bystolic 10mg and norvasc 5mg 3 weeks ago for episodic hp 170/110. Read the side effects and decided to split bystolic to 5mg. Tried the norvasc but had episodes of dizziness so stopped taking. I have continued with the 5mg bystolic and thank you for your posts because I had experienced many of the symptoms you described: headache, chest congestion, and extreme tiredness. The headaches have eased up but the tiredness hits me in the early afternoon for a few hours. My bp has been 120/70 so it is doing the job. I did miss a dose and had the side effects many had mentioned–just took the dose when I remembered and was fine.

  190. Comment from MikeP on December 27th, 2009 :


    Bystolic is effective when taken alone. Norvasc is a Calcium blocker, and as a rule you should not take a beta blocker (Bystolic) and Calcium blocker together. They both effect the heart rate too much. Norvasc also causes ankle swelling (edema) in many people. Bystolic on the other hand, relaxes the heartbeat lowers blood pressure and rarely causes edema. I think you did the right thing by starting Bystolic at 5mg. You can always increase the dose to 10mg. if necessary in the future. My doctor (cardiologist) believes it’s always best to start low and then slowly raise the dose. Some doctors apparently are not careful in their dosage and combinations. Bystolic happens to be a pretty good pill with mild side effects (if any). My main side effect in over one year is also some fatigue in the afternoon (especially if I’m bored). Hang in there, the side effects will definitely lessen once your body adjusts to the medication.

  191. Comment from jamie on December 27th, 2009 :

    Hello, I need advice ASAP please. I have been taking bystolic 5mg for about 6 months to slow heart rate. since then horrible things have happend and it was not until i read this that i think bystolic may be the cause. First thing, vision issues, seeing colors and spots,horrible vertigo everything spining, and even falling over at times. horrible body pain, hot cold sensations on skin and scalp,numbness in limbs and on scalp,swelling,hard to breath, horrible hair loss and i am only 26 years old, and have no bald women in family. difficulty breathing,vibration in feet and legs,cold all of the time, nail issues.kidney infections. the list goes on and on. My symptoms are so severe that I am seeing specialist and no cause has been found, the scary thing is all of these docs know i am on Bystolic and not one of them has metioned this could be the cause. I have had 3 rashes in the past 2 months, with no cause known, my skin itches all over even with out the rash. Can Bytolic be the reason? please if anyone knows please let me know, I am so scared that something is really wrong with me.

  192. Comment from Gwen on January 1st, 2010 :

    I have taken Bystolic for four weeks. My bp is good and heart rate is steady BUT I have been nauseated everyday since. Somedays it is so bad I cannot do anything. I am going to try to hang on two more weeks. My cardiologist said we can switch meds if this continues. I am so miserable!

  193. Comment from PatC on January 12th, 2010 :

    My experience has been pretty positive, but last week the FDA refused to approve Bystolic for treating heart failure patients. I guess this means anyone with heart failure shouldn’t be taking this drug if other more effective and proven drugs are available.

  194. Comment from Denell on January 21st, 2010 :

    been having ears ringing since starting bp meds anyone else? what to do?

  195. Comment from Paul J Adams on January 22nd, 2010 :

    Probably the side effect that I’ve noticed on Bystolic is the crazy, off the wall dreams. I’ve been on 20mg twice a day for about a month now. I didn’t feel any stomach sickness from it, but have noticed indigestion occasionally.

    I’ve had several EPS procedures (3), and have been on literally every betablocker in the book. My resting heart rate unmedicated is about 140-160, easily hitting 180 with casual walking.

    Bystolic has worked for me so far, and I’m hoping that the dreams subside with time.

  196. Comment from cindy on January 23rd, 2010 :

    @ Dennell, Yes, I, too, have had ringing in the ears for the almost 2 years I’ve been taking Bystolic. It gets worse if I take an additional drug to help with the sleep disturbances caused by Bystolic. That said, Bystolic still has the least side effects of any of the bp drugs I’ve taken.

  197. Comment from JackT on February 16th, 2010 :

    The best beta blocker currently available. Less tiredness or weakness, and no negative gastro issues.
    Sex life has improved amd libido is sky high. Better than Cozaar or Norvasc.

  198. Comment from paloma on February 17th, 2010 :

    Please people, I need your help. I have hyperthyroidism and because of this I have a lot of heart palpitations. I was taking Lopressor 100mg twice per day, but I was still having a very bad palpitations. My medical doc. prescribed me BYSTOLIC. I am going to take it tomorrow. Please let me know if anybody had similar situation. Is anybody can tell me what medications would help me with those bad palpitations. I saw a lot of doc. but still feel very bad. Thanks

  199. Comment from lennyT on February 21st, 2010 :

    Paloma - Bystolic is excellent for heart palpitations. You didn’t mention the dosage? Either 5 or if necessary 10 mg. a day should eliminate the
    palpitations. It seems that Lopressor loses it’s effectiveness within a 24 hour period. Another great beta blocker for heart rate control is Betaxolol (10mg. a day) it’s also great for PAC’s, PVC’s and anxiety. I’ve taken it in the past with great results. Bystolic effectiveness will probably surprise you. It works very quickly.

  200. Comment from Laurie on February 25th, 2010 :

    I have been taking Bystolic (5 mg) for about 3 months now. Felt good the first month, but now I get these *episodes* (almost daily) of heart racing … blood pressure is good, but my heart just always races. I walk regularly (4 miles), eat VERY well, take lots of vitamins … I don’t understand it! I am going back to the cardiologist because now I’m getting depressed. I have to take a half of xanax now almost every morning to stop the anxiety … I don’t know what else to do. I wonder if Toprol would work better to stop the heart racing … any suggestions?

  201. Comment from Roger on March 19th, 2010 :

    I have been taking Bystolic (5 mg) for 6 weeks with the nightmares and arm/shoulder pain. To stop the nightmares I switched to morning to take the meds and to stop the muscle pains I take malic acid (1.5 to 3 gms: 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp).

  202. Comment from norman on March 23rd, 2010 :

    bystolic should be taken off the market….i had nightmares immediately,,,dr looked at me like i was a liar….had shortness of breath very bad and tight squeeze in chest…also severe dizziness…..
    dr wanted to double me to 10 mg….i said bye…..he was my dr for 6 years…bye bye…..

    after not taking it for 3 months i still have slight squeeze and shortness of breath…..


  203. Comment from reggie on March 26th, 2010 :

    I can only speak from my experience. The side affects from Toprol were much more pronounced and difficult to deal with.

  204. Comment from Laura on March 27th, 2010 :

    I was just put on Bystolic 5mg, after coming off of Metoprolol ER 50mg twice a day.. I have tachycardia and they have no idea why (ran literally every test in the book) anyways I always would break out of my dose so they have to increase and increase.. which would make me very depressed & a little tired.. anyways my doctor just switched me over to Bystolic, and so far so good.. I do not really have issues with blood pressure - only tachycardia.. so hope it stays working! Oh Propranolol worked similarly to Metoprolol IMHO.

  205. Comment from Dolores on April 8th, 2010 :

    anyone with ringing in ears since taking blood pressure meds. also Did you find out whats causing it?

  206. Comment from Dolores on April 8th, 2010 :

    I agree with Roger and norman about Bistolic, I just got off of it, lot of chest pains, muscle pains headaches,depression,hair loss,weight gain also you cannot lose weight lots of stomach pains. kept bp around 160/95.

  207. Comment from Maria on May 3rd, 2010 :

    I’ve been taking toprol xl for many years for mitral valve prolaps. I get palpitations. Toprol is not working for me anymore and I’ve developed side effects from it. Does anyone out there take it for mitral valve prolapse??? Palpitations??? I’ll be taking if for the first time tonight. My doc wants me to take 5mg twice a day. He tells me that Bystolic is a lot better than Toprol because the side effects are not nearly as bad.

  208. Comment from Jon on May 14th, 2010 :

    I took Toprol XL 50mg twice a day for over a decade. I was always tired, and suffered from depression and low libido. After two successful ablation procedures, my electrophysiologist declared my arrhythmia fixed, and took me off the Toprol XL.

    Sadly, my blood pressure started creeping back up. My PCP put me on Bystolic because I protested going back on the Torpol XL.

    I’ve been on it for less than 2 weeks, but I’ve had a raging headache that won’t go away, and I’ve lost my appetite. Reading through these comments leads me to believe that these side effects will subside of the next couple of weeks. Thanks, everyone!

  209. Comment from Lisa on May 21st, 2010 :

    In response to Maria, I have been taking Bystolic for about 2 months now for mitral valve prolapse and irregular heart beat, as well as high blood pressure. I never took Toporol but took Micardis for 2 years for high BP. I am only on a tiny dose of Bystolic right now (2.5 mg per day) but it seems to be working well on both fronts. The heart irregularity issues( which for me were only occasional–but when they were bad, it was really bad!) and high BP seems to be under control. My side effects are: 5 lb weight gain, weird dreams, slow heart rate and fatigue. The fatigue has improved after the 1st month. Over all I am pretty satisfied, however, I am on small dose so maybe side effects could be worse with a larger dose.

  210. Comment from Jalyn on July 19th, 2010 :

    I have been taking Bystolic 10mg once a day for almost a year now. I HAVE been experiencing several side effects from it, but did not realize that they WERE side effects. I have gained a significant amount of weight since taking Bystolic, I also have fatigue, occasional dizziness and edema to my lower extremities especially in the afternoon. My shortness of breath that I was experiencing before taking bystolic has completely disappeared. But I think the most significant side effect I have noticed are hypoglycemic episodes when I drink too much caffeine while taking Bystolic. I start sweating profusely, shaking, nervous, classic symptoms of hypoglycemia and just altogether NOT GOOD. I’ve checked my blood sugar on days that it happens to me and my sugar is actually still in the normal when it happens. Usually its like 90mg/dL and less. I am a non-diabetic and I know that it is due to the Bystolic because on days that I forget to take it, I don’t experience these signs and symptoms. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

  211. Comment from DCH1030 on July 29th, 2010 :

    I have been on Bystolic for about 3 years now, and previously on Toprol, though that was 6 years ago when I was first diagnosed w/high bp. I also take hydrocholorothiazide(water pill) and a potassium pill as the water pill would cause a significant decrease in potassium without it. I am a 32 year old african-american woman, and the main side effects I have had from Bystolic are extreme hair loss and neurological issues such as pins and needles(tingling) in my face, as well as slight paralysis in my face where I cannot move my mouth, severe nausea, nerve entrapment when I cross my legs, face rash, vertigo and a spinning sensation when turning corners, the list goes on and on. Went to see the gastroenterologist and no prblm found with stomach, same issue with dermatologist, no issue found. Only now am I realizing that all of these issues are more than likely associ with Bystolic. Unfortunately, this is the only bp med that has worked consistently to keep my blood pressure in the normal range, but the side effects, especially the hair loss are unbearable. Washing my hair has not been pleasant over the last 4 years as my hair has gone from long and full, to short and thin where I can see straight thru to my scalp. Especially my edges. I have just begun taking Andrew Lessman’s Hair, skin and nail vitamins to hopefully counter the effects of this medicine, because without it, my bp goes nuts. Honestly, the only way to avoid any side-effects is to change your lifestyle by eating right and excercising to that these meds arent needed, which is what I’ve been doing along with some serious prayer! God’s favor can change your life, and I’ve been praying to be able to make the necessary changes in my lifestyle so that I wont need to take any medications ever again. Best of luck to you all!

  212. Comment from Sonya on August 25th, 2010 :

    I am a 28 yr old female and I started taking Bystolic about a week now. I have experienced swelling in my hands and feet as well as sensitivity to my teeth and jaw. I have had a little bit of an upset tummy but not to bad. I hope this goes away soon. I see a cardiologist next week since my pulse is averaging 110 to 120 bpm with taking the meds . Before Bystolic it was averaging 130 to 160 bpm. My bp is great since taking Bystolic though :)Hopefully the side affects go away soon!

  213. Comment from Lisa on September 18th, 2010 :

    Hello all,
    Like many of you I went through several BP meds until settling with Bistolic — almost no side effects (after the initial adjustment period of a couple of months).
    I’ve been on it almost three years now and am developing odd possible side effects. I had already experienced the cold/tingling fingers and toes in the winter, but since I was happy with Bistolic otherwise, I didn’t tell my doctor.
    Since this May, however, I’m experiencing tingling and muscle twitches all over my body, and they occur frequently, perhaps a dozen per hour (sometimes I manage to ignore them for long periods, so I’m not certain).
    It seems I get these spasms as a reaction to muscle use (exercise or repetitive motion) or pressure (ie. if I cross my legs, my thigh muscle will twitch). The twitches range from invisible and barely annoying all the way to obvious big twitches lasting hours.
    Has anyone else experienced this, especially after a couple years of usage?
    Thanks for your reply. I should add that I’m especially anxious because one of my siblings has ALS. His symptoms didn’t start with twitches, but that horrible disease starts in many ways.

  214. Comment from Fred on September 23rd, 2010 :

    Lisa - Unfortunately, Bystolic has not been around too long, this makes it difficult to really know the long term effects of this drug. Many taking Bystolic believe that the drug appears to become toxic to the system after several years of use. I’ve read many posts where many were rather pleased for the first couple of years, than the problems appear to begin. Side effects have included hair loss, problems with muscle coordination, depressive or anxious symptoms, tingling in arms and legs, bloody stools and vision problems. With drugs such as TOPROL or ATENOLOL the long term safety profile (20 years or more) have been validated by many. Many over the age of 80 have been taking Metoprolol/Toprol for 25 + years with almost no problems. This confirms the importance of the older and more researched medications. The WEBMD site includes many who have had problems after being on Bystolic for approx. 3 years. Beyond that we really don’t know. Perhaps it’s the beta-3 effect which Bystolic has recently been shown to target. Bystolic has been pretty good for me for the past couple of years,I’ve switched beta blockers a couple times, but I always come back to Bystolic.

  215. Comment from Lisa on October 1st, 2010 :

    Thanks for your response. My doctor did a series of blood tests to check my thyroid and metabolic numbers, and everything came back just fine. Now I’ve been instructed to cut down to 2.5mg of Bystolic per day, and to watch my symptoms for two weeks. I’m hoping this makes the muscle twitches (and tingling and cramping) go away. Will report back.

  216. Comment from lara k. on November 6th, 2010 :

    HI all- am an NP student and CCU nurse reading this blog for info on bystolic. Reading the posts, I see that some information is needed. Any beta blocker can cause the side effects you are all talking about. To some extent, each person reacts differently. Some people will have edema or water retention from BB. I am hoping everyone with high blood pressure has heard from their doctors that there are non-medical things you can do to lower your bp (these things work for most people, at least, there are a few that these things don’t work for). These things include losing wt, being at a healthy weight, limiting caffeine intake, limiting sodium intake (it makes you retain water, which increases blood pressure, and you HAVE to read labels, as sodium is hidden in almost everything in the US), exercise regularly, don’t smoke, and try to get enough rest. Learn productive ways to deal with stress, as in some folks, stress can increase blood pressure. One lady mentioned shortness of breath and going to cath lab. What people also need to know is that not everyone has the “classic” symptoms of heart attack. Women, the elderly, and diabetics especially have different symptoms. Symptoms of heart problems can include that classic chest pain or heaviness, L arm or shoulder pain or numbness, even the R arm in some folks, jaw pain, and SHORTNESS of BREATH. Its all a big picture, and sometimes docs aren’t good about explaining that part. There are lots of apps for smart phones which help you evaluate your risk for heart disease (high blood pressure is one of the risk factors, even if you are controlled with meds). On my iphone I have the “heart disease risk calculator” which is a free app. I hope you all find the drug which works for you, with a minimum of side effects, learn more about your heart health, and feel better.
    ps. Jamie, I hope you and your doc switched you to a different beta blocker, to see if all of your symptoms were bystolic-related.

  217. Comment from christopher sheppard on November 17th, 2010 :

    Hello everybody! I want to share my experiences that I have had with bystolic, and I hope that it is helpful. First off, I am a 24 year old Afro American male who takes enalipril for blood pressure. The enalipril works well but a lot of times during the day when I check my pulse it would be in the 90’s. My doctor advised me that it was no big deal, but me being a hypochondriac insisted to be put on something to lower the rate. First he put me on coreg. The coreg alpha beta blocker worked well with the heart rate. The flaw with it was that after the third week I suddenly put on 5 lbs. I advised my doc and he switched me to bystolic. The first few weeks with bystolic everything was working out fine. Then, the same effect, around the third week or so I put on another 6 lbs. usually if I put on weight I can lose it quick, but being on the bystolic, it seemed like I could run around the world and back and I couldn’t lose anything. I eventually got off of it and am enjoying the weight loss. My advice, if bystolic or any other beta blockers are giving you negative side effects, get off. Keep in mind that cardiovascular health is EXTREMELY important, so don’t get of the medication unless you have a reliable substitute, and or a PERMINANT lifestyle change including quitting SMOKING, DRINKING, EATING BETTER, EXERCIZING, ETC. hopefully this helps. God bless!

  218. Comment from pucarto on December 19th, 2010 :

    “By blood pressure was once again in the 140/90 zone and I was chastized yet again, and placed on 100mg of Cozaar. The following year, it was changed to 100/12.5 of Hyzaar with you guess it, another lecture about how I must want a new heart valve because I keep allowing my BP to be high. I was then instructed to keep in below 120/80. Those of you who think your BP is great because it is 120/80, you are probably wrong.”
    Where I have been able to read about this?

  219. Comment from Joy Horn on February 13th, 2011 :

    I’m another running out of B.P. meds to try. Long list of one’s I can’t tolerate. Been on Bystolic ( 5mg twice a day ) for a year, have muscle pains but am trying to live with. Dr.s finally added 2 OLD meds. to the Bystolic, PLENDIL 5mgs,twice a day and HYDRALAZINE 10 mg. , three times a day.(causes some eye irritation, but using antihistimine drops) the combo is working , lowest BP I’ve had. Hope it continues and can continue to stand the muscle pains.

  220. Comment from Nelly on February 22nd, 2011 :

    I’ve been on Bystolic 10 mg for almost a week. I’m so glad I found this site because I realized I was not going nuts. The nightmares I have are incredible and i’m hoping that these nightmares will subside. I have most of the side effect mentioned above, nausea, loose stool and overall tiredness. I’m hopeful now after reading everyone’s responses this that it will get better with time. I will continue to provide updates.

  221. Comment from Stacy on February 25th, 2011 :

    I want to give some advice to those of you who have been on Bystolic for a long term. If you find you have been on Bystolic a while, say, 6 months to a year ( Ive been on it a year) and you start having chest pain, sluggish feeling, groggy mornings, increase in heart palps, jaw pain, arm pain and wierd head and eye twitches… try taking your Bystolic in the morning, instead of before sleeping. It has changed my life ( well, for this week anyway). My heart rate when I woke up was 52. That is way too low, it makes me feel like absolute Death. Now, I awake with a much faster heart rate, and low and behold, feel clearer in the am.

  222. Comment from Don Nelson on February 26th, 2011 :

    Bystolic has been the best drug I have ever taken to lower my heart rate. I have taken 10 MG for over five years and have no side effects. I always have felt sluggish in the morning and Bystolic has not made it any worse.

  223. Comment from Joe Foose on March 20th, 2011 :

    Bystolic has been very good to me. I tried the ARB Benicar (badly dried my eyes), then ACE Lisinopril (got bad cough), then beta-blocker Bystolic. It actually worked well. I take it with coffee in the morning every day with no side effects. I had a racey feeling the first few days, but after that, nothing. I have noticed that my tallywacker is working better now. Maybe it’s because I’m just healthier now, but maybe it is a side effect too. Also, my stressful job doesn’t seem to give me the rush of adrenaline anymore, but that is what beta-blockers do. My life is MUCH better now.

    48 years old. BP was 160/100+, now 135/88 avg. Good luck!

  224. Comment from Tammy on March 25th, 2011 :

    Started taking a bystolic a week ago now… was previoulsy on Toprol years back and hated the side effects i had from from. was hesitant when the dr. prescribed bp med again, but was having no luck otherwise in lowering my bp. my main concern was the loss of hair i had experienced prior w/ toprol. read all i could find about bystolic before i started taking it and decided to give it a try. so far i take 5 mg. every other day and have had no side effects (i take it after a meal) - i actaully feel far better than i have in a long while - bp is now in normal ranges and it has also been helpful with some anxiety i had been experience before - so hope this continues to work in the way it has so far ;)

  225. Comment from elise on April 2nd, 2011 :

    I have been taking Bystolic 5mg for about 3 month. After taking the medication for about 2 weeks I am experiencing burning pain in my stomach and increased indigestion. i believe the medication is causing the problem. I am schedule to have some test performed on my stomach.

  226. Comment from Tammy on April 5th, 2011 :

    Update to my 3.25 post - still taking bystolic (5 mg) every other day - been about 3 weeks now and to date, no bad side effects for me - has done a wonderful job in keeping my bp in normal range and seems to help with some anxiety i had experienced in the past - i was very fearful of hair loss and have not seen that other than normal - no nightmares, pain, etc. this web site has been quite informative and a great way to let others know what may or may not happen :-)

  227. Comment from Dave on April 12th, 2011 :

    I have tried many BPM over the last 25 years and this is the best. My sex life has improved and my blood pressure is 135/84 previous(155/95).

  228. Comment from Trevor on April 12th, 2011 :

    Been on lotrel 5/20 for 3 years now. I took 5/40 for a while but heart burn and stomach upset was so bad I was dropped back. Went to a cardioligist yesterday because of palms that turn red when held at my side. Feet sort of do the same thing. Veins buldge out also. I have alot of anxiety so the doc got a 160/60 bp reading but my normal blood pressure is around 145/75. Took Bystolic for the first time this morning 5mg. I have a ton of sinus issues and literally 2 -5 minutes after taking the pill with food my entire sinus cavity flushed and I filled up about 10 klenex what didnt drain down the back of my throat. Thought I was headed to the ER but after about an hour my body adjusted. Only side effect so far is frying pan to the head feeling and sort of worn out and tired. Anxiety is 1000% better already and although I had heart burn fairly bad today I think I should give the pill more of a chance. I will keep this page bookmarked and update everyone if your thinking about switching to this pill after long term use of some other BP med then check back for my results. Also I read several people started on 10mg. 5mg is the recommended starting dose for adults and I weigh 200 pounds. It was a lot to take at first so if a doctor starts you on 10mg and your not already taking a beta blocker I suggest a second opinion. Next update = soon

  229. Comment from Trevor on April 13th, 2011 :

    Day 2 of bystolic. Last night when I took my blood pressure after day 1 of switching to bystolic from 3+ years of lotrel it was 155 over 75. Tonight (day 2 of bystolic) it was 137/70. My home meter usually reads a little high so im very happy with this number. Im on the 5mg dose. Today I did not experience the flushing of sinus’s as described from yesterday. It really took over an hour before I felt much. I was very tired most of the day and had some of the dead leg syndrome folks above mentioned. above. I also had a pain under my lower left rib for a few hours that I think is the meds. I had a few bouts of nausea today as well as some dizzyness. I have noticed that things that used to make my heart pound like going into the conference room at work and having a meeting with the boss’s do not have as much effect on me now. My anxiety continues to improve although not better totally. My chest started feeling tight this afternoon, but it could have been heartburn or acid reflux (if theres a difference). I rode my new motorcycle for about the 4th time today and I rode very far from home for me. (other side of town) as I got pretty far away my dizzyness starting coming on but as I got closer to home again it became better (probably anxiety related and not so much the pill) My hands and forearms that were turning red and veins buldging out seem to be slightly better but by no means cured as of yet. Frying pan to the head was much better today but more nausea and dizzyness than yesterday so that sort of cancels out I suppose. I feel pretty good at the moment about 14 hours after I took the pill. Next update = soon

  230. Comment from Brandi on April 25th, 2011 :

    I’m 25 and was just given some samples of 5mg Bystolic by my cardiologist because my heart rate is always 100+ bpm and I have abnormal rhythms.

    Reading everyone’s comments is really helpful. I hate taking medicine!

    I was on an antidepressant before because my general physician thought my heart irregularities were because of panic disorder. I hope the Bystolic slows things down without the side effects the antidepressant gave me.

  231. Comment from Theresa on April 25th, 2011 :

    I have been on Bystolic 5 mg. for almost a year. I fall asleep during meetings and fight off sleep while driving. My hair is falling out in the back and I went through chemotherapy a few years ago so I was happy to have hair again. The hair problem is not as bad as the falling asleep. I have gained about 5 pounds. The doctor says I have to stay on it. I hate it.

  232. Comment from Jaime on May 20th, 2011 :

    I been on torprol xl 100 mg for about 6 years because I have mitral pro lap valve and a lot of palpitations. In the past six moths my BP has been spiking up on or twice a day do to a lot a stress. I was put on verapamil 240 mg and the torprol xl 100 and I been having the same problem. The Dr took me off torprol xl 100 mg and put me on bystolic 10mg and verapamil 120 mg twice a day for about 2 weeks now.Im been feeling much better and the BP hasn’t spike up. BUT after taking bystolic with food or no food I get heavy nauseas and tightness of the muscles at about 1 or 2 hrs after I take it . The Dr wants me back on torprol xl and verapamil but is controling my BP and palpitations…..are this side effects going away? I was thinking of breaking the bystolic in half and take 5 mg instead….

  233. Comment from Clara dunn on May 26th, 2011 :

    My doctor put me on bystolic 5mg a week ago after taking toprol XL for about 5 years, I notice my blood pressure is going up in the past week, I’m worried about this, does anyone know if this is normal to experience increase in bp, will it take more than a week to see results of decreased bp with bystolic, appreciate an answer from somebody. Thanks

  234. Comment from SUNNY on June 18th, 2011 :

    I was on Toprol 25mg for swveral years. My body tolerated it well, no side efect at all, except it doe not control my Blood Pressure nor my heart rate. My Dr switch me over to bystolic 5mg daily. This medication works effectively with mild side effect if you follow the following precautions:
    1. Stay away from high sodium intake. Or completely stay away from sodium.
    2. Stay away from High sugar intake or do without it.
    3. Take this medication at night time before going to bed. Be consistent with this.
    4.Stay away from high fatty food, definitely no fried food.
    5. Go for a walk everyday at least twice a day. three to four miles daily. If your body can tolerate more miles pls go for it, and be consistent with it.
    6.Lastly, this medication might make you sluggish during day time, but not for a long time.


  235. Comment from Maryann Williams on July 2nd, 2011 :

    I have been on Bystolic about 2 years. I have all the side effects mentioned. Recently, I have had bad heart burn,gained about 20lbs over the 2 year period. Swelling of legs and ankles, bad dreams and v ery tired all the time. I am not wondering if the joint pain I have is from Bystolic.

  236. Comment from Joy McLouth on July 12th, 2011 :

    I was on Benicar for YEARS and it worked great UNTIL I developed severe Angioedema on the inside of my mouth. Switched to Bystolic, but the side effects are BAD…depressed, anxious, severe chest pain
    (almost called 911 x3)…swelling in legs and eyelids, sluggish feeling, now joint pain..especially
    in knee that does NOT have a prosthesis.
    What do people do when they’ve run through EVERY class of BP medications??

  237. Comment from James on August 2nd, 2011 :

    I was on Metoprolol for about 2 years. It got my BP down to 120/80 but I paid for that with bouts of nausea. I am now starting my 3rd week with Bystolic. So far no nausea, but I do have shortness of breath. I can live with the SOB if that’s what it takes to get rid of the nausea.

  238. Comment from zoe on August 7th, 2011 :

    I have had A Fib since 2004. They put me on toprol XL to begin with and then I had terrible side effects. Went off of it after 3 weeks. I suffer with A Fib at night while I am sleeping. I wake up after 2 1/2 hours of sleep with trembling, heart arrythmias and shortness of breath. I also have no thyroid as it was ablated in 1989. I have to take synthroid as it is not a option to get off of it. I don’t know if anyone here has the same problem? I have been taking (as needed) 10 mg of propranolol just to stop the A Fib. I also like it because it is short acting and has been around for many years. Not to many surprises with it. I am exhausted from the fequent awakenings from the arrythmias…Now I have developed hi BP….however, it is only the systolic. It is only while I am lying down sleeping. I have a cuff on my bed now, so I can document it…also headaches in the night tell me it may be high. The dystolic stays very low. The Sytolic runs about 136 to 160 over 79. It goes down as I do yoga breathing when I am awakened at 4AM. The heart is racing all over the place and it takes me about a half hour to get back in line. I is now gotten worse and I cannot function. They have been on me to take Bystolic and I have resisted due to the side effects I read about. I am very drug sensitive and am aphrensive to take it. They say it will get the heart rate under control? However, from the posts I am reading here I see that it is not without a huge price.
    Does anyone here have the same problems or similar to me?
    This is a great blog and I have read every post.
    Thank you guys

  239. Comment from Sally on August 8th, 2011 :

    I am also on Bystolic after trying many other BP meds. My cardiologist suggested that perhaps sleep apnea could be the cause of increased BP and irregular heart beats (that drive me crazy). Now I sleep with a c-pap machine as I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. The effects from this medication that I have experenced are depression, anxiety, and GI disturbances. I have now heard that many people are being referred for sleep studies as some heart problems may be associated with lack of oxygen to vital organs during periods of apnea.

  240. Comment from Tammy on August 9th, 2011 :

    Update since my last pril 5th post… still takin 2.5 mg of Bystolic and have little side effects - have noticed some weight gain, but through exercise and watching my diet, not much of gain… the slight weight gain could also be effect of menopause and not necessarily bystolic… had to increase my dose after diagnosed w/ underactive thyroid, so that medication caused me to increase by bp dose a bit… still wonderful on keeping the bp where it should be and anxiety at a low :)

  241. Comment from John on August 11th, 2011 :

    Started Bystolic 4 wks ago and no side effects. I was on lisinopril for hi bp and it helped. I read somewhere that bystolic can help with tinnitus, which I have in my left ear. It did nothing for the tinnitus, but did stop the palpitations I was having, so I guess I will stay on it.

  242. Comment from Tony on August 15th, 2011 :

    Trevor and everyone,

    I read many of the posts here and your spoke to me in the way I am also feeling. I am 38 years old and have no prior heart problems diagnosed. My BP has typically been in the 140/80 range and I asked my doctor to help me get that under control. He gave me Bystolic 5mg and I have been on it for about 4 weeks now. Trouble began last week when my family and I drove home from a vacation. Got home after a 12 hour drive and ate dinner. Had more than usual coffee on the road but not a terrible amount. Started to feel very dizzy, chest pains, headache, etc… I had a history of peptic ulcers but they have not been problematic. New job last year and a ton of stress from it. I had lots of belching prior to this event last week and during the episode Pepto Bismol helped. Called the doctor and went in two days later. BP was perfect 120/80 but heart was at 56. I am 5′8″ and 225 lbs, so not an athlete at all. She was concerned a bit but did not send me to ER. EKG showed a small bump with the T-wave. My heart rate is usually in the 70-80. (This was about 3 weeks in to Bystolic @ 5mg)

    Recent problems with dizziness, fatigue, headaches, some chest discomfort still remain. They come and go and are not consistent. Being treated for possible GERD with Prevacid and Pepcid AC (Prevacid in morning, Pepcid before lunch and dinner). Belching has lessened, but still there, especially if I eat something like chocolate. Discomfort in chest area is near the upper sphincter muscle for the stomach but some pains towards the lower right ribcage. Hard to tell what is causing what.

    I have a date with the cardiologist on Thursday, but am concerned that my heart rate is so low. I would imagine that with my frame (I am not tremendously overweight, but am no athlete) I should not be at 50-60 BPM, maybe more along the lines of 70-80. I never had the issues of dizziness like I do now (I describe my dizziness as the sensation of twirling 2-3 times…so I am not feeling like I am going to pass out…just a bit uneasy that sometimes slows me down). I did have headaches in the past, but account this to my job stress and having two young children who are simply learning what boundaries are.

    Looking for some advice from others, especially if this post seems familiar to you.

  243. Comment from reggie on August 17th, 2011 :


    I have been on Bystolic (2.5 2/day)for 3 years for control of pvc’s. Most of my side effects are under control, however, I get some of the GERD and chest pain side effects. However, the impact on my heart rate has been consistent since i began the medication. It typically stays between 55 and 60 although at times it would get down to 52. When I exercise, I have a hard time getting it above 150 as compared to 180 - 190 prior to Bystolic. That’s one of the benefits of a beta blocker–slower heart rate that controls PVC’s and is less stressful on your heart.

  244. Comment from Tony on August 18th, 2011 :

    Thanks, Reggie. I saw the cardiologist for the first time this morning and she thinks my symptoms may be caused by the Bystolic and/or some kind of gastro problem. I have the nuclear stress test tomorrow so she can be certain. Heart problems are not too common in my family but stress from my job and a young family has taken a small toll…especially the job!

    I am thinking the Bystolic @ 2.5 would be a good thing for me as being at 5mg has my BP in a good area, but my heart rate is a staggering upper 40s to mid 50s…I am usually near 65-75. I am NOT a fit athlete but am not being craned in and out of my home (5′8″ @ 220 lbs.)

    Thanks for your information. It is simply comforting to hear others who are using this same medication and the things they are experiencing (positive and negative).

    Best of luck to you.

  245. Comment from DIANE on August 24th, 2011 :

    I have been on Bystokic 5mg for 9 months. It has caused major swelling of my legs, feet and ankles, weight gain, coughing, wheezing, and I am very, very tired all the time. I am off it now. Does any one know how long it takes to get rid of these side effects, once you are off Bystolic 5 mg daily??


  246. Comment from Tony on August 28th, 2011 :


    I was only on it for 6 weeks (5 weeks @ 5MG then 1 week at 2.5). Cardiologist saw nothing wrong with my heart and the efficiency was good (nuclear test). She recommended that I stop the Bystolic as my dizziness was come and go and my heart rate was always in the 40-50s. She has now put me on a calcium channel blocker and so far so good.

    Because I was only on Bystolic for 6 weeks, my side effects have really been unnoticeable since stopping a few days ago, but I did read that some people go a few weeks with side effects lessening when they are on it longer (a year or more of use).

    I hope you get back to normal soon as I know my experience with Bystolic was not great (did a wonderful job lowering my BP). Other people do very well with it, but not me.

  247. Comment from Barbara Sylvain on September 8th, 2011 :

    Have tried so many BP meds I’ve lost count. Serious problems with all. Took Bystolic for about 2-1/2 months. Went through most of the side effects mentioned here except weight gain and hair loss. Felt the best on Bystolic than any of them — from the neck up! Felt clear-headed, no pressure in head or headaches. Also was able to play tennis in the Florida heat without shortness of breath, unlike with others. Finally realized that this med was causing the serious body aches and pains and muscle spasms I had been experiencing for a month or more. Stopped the med and muscles were back to normal within 5 days. Now I’m trying again to find a med I can tolerate with no success at all and have to take BP meds as I had a stroke 3 years ago. Heart rate on Bystolic was consistently 52, which is pretty low.

  248. Comment from johnm on November 7th, 2011 :

    Been on bystolic about 6 months. First bp med I’ve been on.

    Had occasional muscle cramp in calves but didn’t pay a lot of attention to them. Other night I got one while lying down that had me screaming in pain for a minutes. Like a knife slicing my leg open.

    I see muscle pains listed here, but any cramping like that?

    Have experienced some shortness of breath. Figure that was because of the 1 1/2 packs of cigs a weeke I was smoking ….. and now on chantax and so far have stopped.

    Thank you for any thoughts

  249. Comment from DINK on November 9th, 2011 :


  250. Comment from Jeff on November 13th, 2011 :

    Have noticed difficulty swallowing… seems like my throat swells up. Have gained weight. PVC’s come at night, dissappear in the day. Headaches are occasional, but the insomnia is the worst. Doesnt affect libido, but does affect orgasm.

  251. Comment from mikemw on December 15th, 2011 :

    Johnm re: leg cramps I have been on Bystolic for about two months and have noticed a significant increase in leg cramps (charley horse) at night. One thing that I have found that seems to help is to intentionally hyperventilate. this will usually clear the cramp in 1-2 minutes and there is no recurrence later (may be coincidence). Suspect that it may have something to do with reduced circulation when sleeping. Let me know if you have any luck with hyperventilation (rapid deep breathing).

  252. Comment from Mat on December 19th, 2011 :

    I was put on Bystolic last week for hypertension caused by IVIg. Within an hour of the first 5mg dose I got a migraine. Every day gets worse with stomach cramps, headache, nausea, diarrhea, horrific dreams,and little sleep. My Dr. cut me back to 2.5 mgs this week. Please tell me that these side effects will go away with time. My BP runs about 140/93, even with the Bystolic. Heart rate is always steady at 63.

  253. Comment from Brian on March 20th, 2012 :

    I’ve been taking Bystolic for a couple of weeks now to supposedly control my high blood pressure. The lowest my dist. reading has been on the med. is 92, and the last time my blood pressure was taken it was 123/100. I was told that Bystolic was a mild med. with fewer side effects than some other beta blockers, but it appears that it is not strong enough to help me. I am tired of feeling like crap from high blood pressure, tired of having migraine headaches, and tired of feeling tired. Any suggestions on other meds. to try that might actually lower my blood pressure and get me to feeling more like myself?

  254. Comment from benito mireles on April 18th, 2012 :

    Ive been taking toprol xl for years now im 30 and have htn i have been on dual therapys beforw benicar 20 and toprol xl 100 had to stop the benicar cause i was having low bp i was thinner and more active at that time now im 40# heavier and have been checking my bp and have noticed it was on the rise ive been having chest pains that come and go so now this new cardiologist saw me today and prescribed bystolic 5 once a day w my toprol xl and after reading all these post im wigging out!!! Plus im already freaked out cause he kept me on two beta blockers has anyone else been on these two drugs at the same time???

  255. Pingback from Bystolic depression | Trscomputerser on May 7th, 2012 :

    [...] From Toprol to Bystolic Josh-n-Lisa (.com): wondering what to write …Apr 18, 2008 … I was put on Bystolic and I can tell you that this med has a far better side … ( people trying to kill me), depression (common with beta blockers). [...]

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  257. Comment from cindy on January 19th, 2013 :

    I first posted on this site about four years ago. This time I want to let interested people know about my experience with hair loss/regrowth and Bystolic. I was on 5 mg of bystolic for 2 1/2 years; then I suddenly realized that my hair was rapidly thinning. Long story short - I was freaking out over this, and my cardiologist (reluctantly) allowed me to stop Bystolic and to switch to Triamterene HCTZ. My research said that hair regrowth after stopping beta blockers takes at least 6 months to really take hold. Well, it’s now been 7 months since I quit Bystolic, and absolutely my regrowth is happening. I can tell because the area of my head where I part my hair has completely filled in, and my scalp no longer shows through at all. It’s very, very motivating. I’m just sharing my experience (with this relatively new drug)in case any of it is similar to your own. Also, the other side effect that I quickly became aware of after quitting Bystolic is that my joints were much less stiff. For instance, for the first time in 2 years I could sit through an entire movie in the theater without needing to shift positions due to stiffness. I’ve read a lot about Bystolic, and it’s a great choice for many people, but long term side effects still need to be documented.

  258. Comment from TyaR on February 4th, 2013 :

    The side effects I had on bystolic were shortness of breath. That one went away after a month or so. The other ones did not - swelling, water retention, weight gain especially in my belly, joint pain, weakness in my hands, insomnia, loss in muscle tone. My Cardio did not respond well to hearing of these side effects. Looked at me like I was nuts. Thank You forum people! The belly fat is contraindicated. Weight gain and Belly fat cause heart issues! My leg joints are so bad I can barely walk when getting up from a sitting or reclining position. My shoulders have been hurting me. Now I know why! It also effected my bladder. Can’t hold my urine anymore. I have weaned myself off the meds and I lost 5 lbs in one week doing nothing different except getting off the drug. I have more energy and I’m sleeping better. I’m going to try a holistic approach.

  259. Comment from Omar Baumann on March 11th, 2013 :

    I have been taking Bystolic for about 3 years. My cardiologist gave it to me for dizzyness and not for blood pressure. I just ask himabout another med since Bystolic is pretty high. Tiredness, and dizzyness are some of the side effect of Bystolic. I haven’t had any other side effects. he has prescribed Toprol but after reading the comments will probably stick with Bystolic.

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    I think its a poison.. Ive been on this drug for almost 4 years, developed serve muscle pain, twitching, cramps, fatigue mostly attacking left side of my body (face, arm and leg), my MD now switched me to bisoprolol, (5th day now) and i feel MUCH better, but still muscle problems are here but i think my body needs to “repair” itself it may take a while ;)

    do not take this drug!

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    I am hoping that this will go away.I am very sensitive to all meds.

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